Born of Water, A.L. Knorr

A mysterious shipwreck could unlock ancient powers… or send her to a watery grave.

Targa MacAuley feels more at home on dry land than in the watery realm of her mermaid ancestors. After 17 years on solid ground, she fears she’ll never grow into the creature her mother hoped she’d become. To keep her mom’s homesickness and true identity under wraps, Targa signs on for a mysterious salvage dive in the Baltic Sea.

Her plan to blend in with the rest of the crew is spoiled when she catches the eye of a handsome local. A freak accident and a strange connection to the ancient shipwreck below attract even more unwanted attention. With both her mom’s secret—and her life—in danger, Targa must finally find the courage to unleash the currents surging deep within.

Born of Water is the first book in The Elemental Origins, a series of captivating YA urban fantasy novels. If you like new twists on mermaid lore, simmering romance, and close-knit mother-daughter bonds, then you’ll love A.L. Knorr’s nautical adventure. Embark on a deeper dive into the story’s lore with The Wreck of Sybellen, a companion novel included with the book.

Born of Water: A Mermaid Fantasy and Elemental Novel is A.L. Knorr’s exciting first installment to her amazing Elemental Origins Series! As I started to read this book, I was enthralled from the very beginning, unable to pry my greedy eyes from the pages and I hungrily consumed each brilliant line of Born of Water. Born of Water by A.L. Knorr reaches beyond Young Adults gripping us, beloved readers, with myth, young romance, and mermaids in a compelling narrative that will thrill and delight any reader! Born of Water by A.L. Knorr is an astounding novel filled with suspense and intrigue with danger lurking in unsuspecting places so already I would recommend that you read this book! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn about this sensational novel!

Targa fears she may be like everyone else on dry land, to her ancestors a dud. Having a mortal father and a sea born mother, the mermaid gene should have passed from her mother to Targa as a female heir. After seventeen years her powers still have not presented themselves. Her top-rated diving mother Mira is selected to salvage dive an ancient shipwreck found near Poland in the Baltic Sea. Targa travels with her mother to help them blend in and conceal her mother’s true nature. Targa’s plan for assimilation goes awry when she catches an attractive locals attention. Soon after, an accident shines even more light on Targa, and her mother as a connection to the ancient shipwreck begins to surface. Is Targa daring enough to release her inner strength, or is her mother’s secret and her life truly in peril?

Diving into this intricate tale, I fell in love with the dynamic relationship between Targa and her mermaid mother Mira and Born of Water by A.L. Knorr is a marvelous work of fiction that will captivate any audience! Born of Water by A.L. Knorr takes us on the electrifying journey of Targa as she tries to accept she may not have inherited her mother’s true heritage marking her as a dud in her lineage. I love the sophisticated character development prominent in Born of Water by A.L. Knorr. This interlaced with a uniquely designed plot gives us, beloved readers, a fresh look into the inner working of a more supernatural world which is something I profoundly enjoy!

A.L. Knorr is a phenomenally talented author. Her storytelling is unmatched, combined with an alluring writing style; she has built an ethereal world that is engaging and intelligently designed. A.L. Knorr creates an exciting world and a memorable experience that I absolutely adore! A.L. Knorr invites us into her dazzling creation filling us, enchanted readers, with a sense of wonder that stays with us for a lifetime. It is no small feat to painstakingly detail a world in which we couldn’t forget even if we wanted to. A.L. Knorr flawlessly captures our hearts with her stunning creation. A.L. Knorr’s writing speaks to us, spinning a web of myth and legend, Born of Water is a masterfully crafted breathtaking novel, which shows how talented she is as an author!

Born of Water is an outstanding piece of fiction I wholeheartedly enjoyed having read! Born of Water is one of those rare, and beautiful, creations. One of those worlds in which we stay lost in the hypnotic rhythm of its siren song, which shows that A.J. Knorr is an imaginative, creative, and extraordinarily talented author whose work should not be missed! Born of Water by A.L. Knorr effortlessly weds exceptional characterization with and fascinating coming of age tale that is exciting and intriguing! A.L. Knorr’s Born of Water is a riveting fiction novel. I of course award Born of Water: A Mermaid Fantasy and Elemental Novel by A.L. Knorr five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers you won’t regret it. Also, keep an eye out for my review of the second book in the series, you don’t want to miss it!

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