A Silver Lining in Every Cloud, Charles Russell

Grace Ranker experiences the worst of tragedies and faces many obstacles during a slow and painful recovery. She discovers the challenges that a woman confronts in a man’s sport in the late 1960s but receives support from another source that enables her to retain hope for what seems a dismal future.

Luke Ranker is in Vietnam when he learns of his dad’s sudden death. He returns to Texas, suffering from the horror and death he has viewed the last two years. He had been a platoon leader guiding two dozen marines and had lost five of them in combat. The guilt over these five, especially a boy from Louisiana, haunts him and alters his outlook on life. Luke left home a boy who always smiled and joked and returned a young man who was miserable and angry about a war that no one seemed to understand.

Jimmie Lyn Waddell was twenty-three years old and was finally about to marry. She had found her dream guy who was taller than her six feet and thirty years old. She had always been obsessed with her height and had a poor self-image of herself before meeting Drake Davis who was six feet five inches. He was everything and more than she had ever imagined. They had already set a marriage date and everything seemed to be perfect until . . .

A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is an incredible, powerful, and memorable piece of literature that I am obsessed with! This phenomenal book has stolen my heart and ran off with it; the brilliant story of A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is captivating and full of many moments that will keep you in awe from start to finish. Books of this nature make for fantastic reads, and they make an even better read when the author is an excellent writer and knows what they are doing! That is why I was so pleased when I started to read this story because the author’s writing captured my attention from the first page. Charles Russell is the author of A Silver Lining in Every Cloud, and in his book, he gives his readers everything they would want and more.

Charles Russell’s book A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is full of excellent characterization, a captivating and fast-paced story, and of course, stunning literature that will have you thinking of it after you put the book down! That is why I already recommend this book and would love to tell you more about it throughout the rest of my review! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is a sensational book that will introduce the reader to three essential characters, Grace Ranker, Luke Ranker, and Jimmie Lyn Waddell. All of which have significant parts to play in this story, the reader will follow them on their journeys which are all full of ups and downs and it makes for a stunning tale that shouldn’t be missed and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible A Silver Lining in Every Cloud!

If you are looking for a detailed, emotional, but entertaining story, then A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is for you! A Silver Lining in Every Cloud has all of this, and so much more, its story is quite simply brilliant and will leave you wanting more. A Silver Lining in Every Cloud makes for the perfect read to keep you company for a few evenings and is wonderfully written and stands out amongst the norm of the genre and it makes for a book that should not be missed!

Charles Russell, the author of the novel, can only be described as a talented writer, the finest kind who is imaginative as well as passionate; these are two qualities I look for in an author, and Russell certainly has them! Russell’s words were exceptional and very moving and always kept me guessing about what was going to happen to the characters I had grown to love, as well as the outcome of the story.

To conclude my thoughts on the fantastic A Silver Lining in Every Cloud, I would say if you are looking for a unique book full of many moving, captivating, and memorable moments as well as perfect characterization and phenomenal writing, then A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is for you! A Silver Lining in Every Cloud is, of course, going to get five stars from me! So be sure to have a read of this book!

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