You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened, Amy Weinland Daughters

It’s 2014 and Amy Daughters is a forty-six-year old stay-at-home mom living in Dayton, Ohio. She returns to her hometown of Houston over the Thanksgiving holiday to discuss her parents’ estate—and finds herself hurled back in time. Suddenly, it’s 1978, and she is forced to spend thirty-six hours in her childhood home with her nuclear family, including her ten-year old self. Over the next day and a half she reconsiders every feeling she’s ever had, discusses current events with dead people, gets overserved at a party with her parents’ friends, and is treated to lunch at the Bonanza Sirloin Pit. Besides noticing that everyone is smoking cigarettes, she’s still jealous of her sister, and there is a serious lack of tampons in the house, Amy also begins to appreciate that memories are malleable, wholly dependent on who is doing the remembering. In viewing her parents as peers and her siblings as detached children, she redefines her difficult relationships with her family members and, ultimately, realizes that her life story matters and is profoundly significant—not so much to everyone else, perhaps, but certainly to her. Amy’s guide said her trip back in time wouldn’t change anything in the future, but by the time her thirty-six hours are up, she’s convinced that she’ll never be the same again.

You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened is an incredible, powerful, and memorable piece of literature that I am obsessed with! This phenomenal book has stolen my heart and ran off with it; the brilliant story of You Cannot Mess This Up is captivating and full of many moments that will keep you in awe from start to finish. Books of this nature make for fantastic reads, and they make an even better read when the author is an excellent writer and knows what they are doing! That is why I was so pleased when I started to read this story because the author’s writing captured my attention from the first page. Amy Weinland Daughters is the author of You Cannot Mess This Up, and in her book, she gives her readers everything they would want and more!

Amy Weinland Daughters’ book You Cannot Mess This Up is full of excellent characterization, a captivating and fast-paced story, and of course, stunning literature that will have you thinking of it after you put the book down! That is why I already recommend this book and would love to tell you more about it throughout the rest of my review! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened is one of the most unique, but brilliant tales I have ever read and one that I adored from start to finish! The reader in You Cannot Mess This Up will follow the star of the book, Amy Daughters who, for some reason is thrust back in time to Dayton, Ohio, to 1978. It is here that Amy will over a day in her childhood home with her family, and will witness all the events that unraveled in a new and eye-opening light. What follows is a moving, transformative and captivating tale and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible You Cannot Mess This Up!

Amy Weinland Daughters, the author of the novel, can only be described as a talented writer, the finest kind who is imaginative as well as passionate; these are two qualities I look for in an author, and Daughters’ certainly has them!

To conclude my thoughts on the fantastic You Cannot Mess This Up, I would say if you are looking for a unique book full of many moving, captivating, and memorable moments as well as perfect characterization and phenomenal writing, then You Cannot Mess This Up is for you! You Cannot Mess This Up is, of course, going to get, five stars from me! So be sure to have a read of this book and the preview below! You won’t regret it.

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