Walland, Andrea Thome

Can broken hearts risk love again? India’s life has always gone according to plan. But when she decides to call off her high-profile wedding and take time off from her network television job, everything turns upside down. A tranquil resort in the moody Smoky Mountains of Tennessee was supposed to be a place she could hide out and lick her wounds. Instead she finds herself questioning everything she ever thought she wanted. Wyatt is a man with scars that run deep. He’s built a careful life for himself, and he has no intention of letting anyone get close to him . . . again. But what happens when two people who are running away from love run right into one another? Will the intense chemistry they feel be enough to overpower their fears? Or will their time together in the Smoky Mountains end with broken hearts?

Walland by Andrea Thome is the exquisite love story introducing us, enchanted readers, to the marvelous Hesse Creek Series! Set in lovely Walland, Tennessee, Walland by Andrea Thome captured all of my attention, and my heart, immediately. After a startling life-altering event, our heartbroken heroine on the mend stumbles into destiny surrounded by the calm beauty of Walland, Tennessee. I couldn’t help but fall madly deeply in love with every aspect of Walland by, the phenomenally talented author, Andrea Thome!
India could never have imagined the ripple effect caused when she decided to cancel her high-profile wedding. Healing her recent wounds at the serene Smokey Mountain resort in Tennessee, India needs time away from the bustle of her network television career in New York to clear her muddled mind. Rather than finding solace in her quiet solitude, India begins questioning her meticulously planned life.

Wyatt has cautiously built a companion-less life for himself. He is painstakingly constructing an impenetrable wall around his heart, refusing ever to let anyone in, again. Can they learn to embrace love when it is the very thing they both are fleeing from? Will their instant connection be enough to tear down the barrier standing between them, or will their fragile hearts shatter more?

Andrea Thome’s introductory novel as an author, Walland, is a romance for the ages! My heart was fluttering in my chest as I consumed each extraordinary page on India and Wyatt’s, seemingly unwilling, path back to love. I was engaged in their blossoming story wholeheartedly, both having forever sworn off love and yet love has a way of finding us all when we least expect it. Love finds us with our eyes closed tightly and gently leads us back into the light, tearing down the walls we all carefully build around our hearts. Walland truly captures the essence of human emotion! Flawlessly spun, Andrea Thome showcases her talent as an author, weaving the dazzling location vividly into the ambiance of the narrative mesmerizing us beloved readers!

Andrea Thome is a remarkably talented fresh author! She has effortlessly created an exhilarating romance novel that harmoniously melds old-fashioned allure in a modern world. She vividly depicts Walland, Tennessee with such care and detail which gives birth to an ethereal reality that bursts to life before our bewitched eyes! Andrea Thome has a graceful flow to her writing, a rare sign of a true gift in such a young author. She has our hearts pounding right away during India’s heartbreakingly enlightening yet terrifying near-death experience. Then our pulse quickens in an erratic elixir of passion entwining with fate! From reluctance to desire, Andrea Thome fills us with every spectrum of human emotion masterfully. With such a creative and intriguing writing style, it’s no wonder Andrea Thome’s debut romance novel Walland is impossible to put down!

Walland by Andrea Thome is the romance novel we have all been waiting for! Twisting the essentials of an excellent love story with a unique new spin, Andrea Thome’s Walland is an electrifying whirlwind adventure from start to finish. We traverse the rocky road to recovering a broken heart alongside a genuine cast that I couldn’t get enough of! It’s astonishing to experience both of them growing into better versions of themselves as their love begins to bloom whilst still knowing India’s inevitable return to her New York Newscaster life looms. I found myself feverishly whispering for India to open her eyes and realize her happiness doesn’t need to lay in her familiar home, but maybe fate has lead her right where she truly is meant to be! Walland by Andrea Thome is an outstanding heartfelt romance novel that will ensnare any reader in its brilliantly spun web. I enthusiastically and unambiguously award Andrea Thome five stars for her radiant novel Walland!

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