To Hell and Back, Michael Gage

Behind every strong man there is a strong… demon?
As a half-blood Apache by birth and a professional soldier by choice, Logan Proud Bear thought he had been through hell in his life. Until he actually ended up there. Stripped of his memory but still very much alive, he must survive the world of demons and the damned long enough to achieve the impossible: To escape from Hell itself.

His only hope of success is an alliance with a beautiful and unpredictable Succubus. Only she can help him stay alive- if her fierce, sexual hunger doesn’t kill him first.

Together, they must challenge an ancient injustice as they gather a harem of some of history’s strongest women into a force that will reshape Hell itself.

Welcome to a realm of dark desires. An underworld where myth is reality and sex is both sin and salvation. The battle for the afterlife begins now. WARNING: This story involves intense violence, explicit (but gracefully written) erotica, a polygamous “harem” relationship, and an unflinching exploration of the concept of a Christian place of eternal damnation called Hell.

To Hell and Back is a thrilling, exciting, action-packed novel with erotica intrigue that will have its readers turning the pages with haste into the early hours of the morning! As I began to read To Hell and Back, I immediately knew that this was going to be a fast-paced read, and now that I have finished the novel, I can happily write that the book is just this! It is an intriguing, unique erotica supernatural novel that captivated me with its heart-pounding moments and phenomenal literature courtesy of the excellent author Michael Gage. If you are a reader who loves being taken on a journey that is full of shocking moments that are memorable as well as astounding, then you will love To Hell and Back, so do not miss out! If you need more convincing, then please continue to read my review to learn more about the stellar novel!

To Hell and Back is an incredible novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the book, Logan. Logan is in hell and he wants out. He does not know why he is there as his memory has all but gone, but he wants out and he must survive and battle demons to try and escape. However he will need help, he needs the help of a Succubus but will her sexual hunger kill him first? Read the thrilling To Hell and Back to find out!

The story of To Hell and Back is a stellar one that had me intrigued from the very start. I love any story with a supernatural theme, so I knew from the beginning that To Hell and Back would deliver thanks to this theme, and wow did it! From the start the reader is immediately thrust into the thick of the story, the reader will feel as if their breath has been knocked out of them by how fast the reader is pushed into the thick of the plot and it made for a thrilling read!

As well as this, To Hell and Back captured my attention immediately, thanks to the fast-paced story, enigmatic characters, and thrilling plot. As I read To Hell and Back I was honestly in awe; it was like a present was being unwrapped before my eyes, and the more the pages turned, the more excited I got for the finale!

Not only is Michael Gage an outstanding writer for his ability to thrust his readers into the thick of the story, but he also is because he was able to describe all of the events that unravel perfectly. Every event and moment and even place is flawlessly described with a wealth of detail which in turn keeps the reader turning the pages.

To conclude my thoughts on this wonderful novel, To Hell and Back is a gripping novel that is guaranteed to keep readers entertained for hours on end so I, of course, have to award the story five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you will not regret it!

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