Time Lies, Mario Diana

An ancient Venetian canal holds a secret. A genetic modification backfires. A time traveler struggles for his last chance.
Jay Aldan travels to the past stealing DNA from unsuspecting donors, his job essential for the Collective humanity to survive extinction. After another failed trip on his mediocre record, Jay is about to be left behind in the year 2016 to die, but in Venice, he meets an American tourist whose unusual genetics may be the key to his redemption. When his captain goes rogue and the ship’s AI cognizant decides to take matters into her own hands, an unwanted discovery catapults Jay into a life or death race against time.

Time Lies is an exceptional book written by Mario Diana that thrilled and captivated me from the start! Time Lies was incredible to me from the start thanks to the premise of the story and the bewitching literature courtesy of the author, Mario Diana who from the beginning hooked me with his fantastic story that stands out amongst its genre! It is rare to find a novel that combines the themes this book does, and that is refreshing to me, and it is even more challenging to discover a story that does not rely on cliches! And so that is why I already recommend this book to you lovely readers; however, if you need more convincing, then continue to read to learn more!

Time Lies is an exceptional novel that will take its readers on a stellar journey from start to finish. Time Lies will take the reader on a journey through time and will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the novel, Jay Aldan, aboard a ship. The ship however is no ordinary ship as it is from the future and its crew is tasked with traveling back in time to different centuries to collect DNA in the hope of surviving extinction. However, during a mission, an artifact from the future ends up in the wrong century which could have disastrous consequences. It is up to Jay, his captain, and an AI computer to retrieve it before it is too late but along the way Jay will bump into a beautiful woman with whom he has an unexplainable connection that could change everything, and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Time Lies!

The premise of Time Lies is exceptional, original, and beyond captivating! I loved the many themes and elements explored throughout the book, and all themes are explored by Mario Diana wonderfully, and he does this by lacing these interesting themes throughout the text flawlessly and weaving them with the story. The result of this makes Time Lies a highly addictive and fascinating read that is never once lackluster or predictable.

Mario Diana is a phenomenal writer who knows how to grasp his reader’s attention from the first page. Diana decides to thrust his reader into the heart of the story straight away so that the reader is instantly captivated and immersed. I personally love this approach, what is the point of having a long build-up with little excitement? This is only necessary if the author in question can’t develop the characters in the story quickly, but with Time Lies, the reader will not encounter this issue because Mario Diana instantly develops his characters and makes the reader invest in not only them but also their journey!

To conclude my thoughts on the wonderful book Time Lies, I would say Time Lies is a wonderful, compelling, and thought-provoking novel that will easily entertain readers for many days and nights and so I, of course, have to award this stellar gem of a book five stars! So be sure to have a read of the preview below and check out this novel as it is great and should not be missed!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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