This Much I Know… The Space Between, Sue Bowles

Life hurts, and layers of hurt leave us feeling beyond help. Yet, the human spirit won’t let us quit. So how do we navigate the distance between hurt and healing? In “This Much I Know…The Space Between,” Sue Bowles shares her pursuit of healing from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas resulting in an eating disorder, constantly struggling to answer the question “Why?” “When we’re talking about our stories, the space between is that gap, that time of questioning and anger and confusion and doubt and…whatever else you can think of. It’s the gray area of uncertainty, of wondering what the point is.” Do you believe you are too far gone for anyone – even God – to be able to make a difference? Do you wonder if your life will ever matter? Find hope in the space between.

This Much I Know… The Space Between is an unforgettable, poignant, and inspiring book written by the incredible author Sue Bowles who throughout her book, narrates the story of her life – focusing on her journey to overcome sexual abuse and her struggle with an eating disorder.

The result is a poignant tale of one woman’s journey to recovery that will open readers’ eyes, inform them, as well as motivate them to recover, and provide hope to those that need it as Bowles is the example that you can overcome any hardships you face. It makes for a unique and powerful memoir and that is why I already have to recommend This Much I Know… The Space Between!

This Much I Know… The Space Between is an inspirational memoir laced with self-help themes that will introduce the reader to the narrator and focus of the book, Sue Bowles. Sue Bowles, in her book, will share her life story, focusing on the sexual abuse she suffered as a child among other traumatic events, and how this led to an eating disorder. Bowles however shares much more than just this, and instead provides hope and inspiration to readers, detailing how she overcame her trauma and shows you how to navigate the tricky and upsetting path to recovery.

Bowles shares all the wisdom she learned along the way, showing you that it is never too late to get help, overcome your trauma, and find happiness again, and heal. Because of this Bowles is a truly inspirational woman who provides you with everything you need while you also learn from Bowles’s story which is filled with many lessons and touching and poignant moments you will struggle to forget.

This Much I Know… The Space Between is a brutally honest book courtesy of an exceptional woman whom you will not be able to help but fall in love with. Sue Bowles’s tale is harrowing at times, but also inspiring and the journey she will take you on will be unlike anything you have experienced before. The result is a touching memoir full of inspirational themes that have a real ability to help anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder, abuse, and overcoming traumas as well as hardships in general. Bowles’s story may be shocking but it is incredibly motivational as Bowles’s determination to heal, and her courage to keep going will be able to motivate anybody, and that to me is truly wonderful.

Sue Bowles is an exceptional woman for sharing her tale and being so open and honest with her readers. In This Much I Know… The Space Between Bowles does not hold back, instead, she details all her hardships and difficulties she has endured and it takes a lot for anybody to do this and be that vulnerable so I am in true awe of Bowles for sharing her story with us readers.

To conclude my thoughts, This Much I Know… The Space Between is an incredibly inspirational and honest tale. It takes a lot for a person to be so honest and to tell their tale so I admire Sue Bowles for doing just this and sharing her tale in the hope that she can help others. As This Much I Know… The Space Between is one of the most inspirational tales I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it!

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