The Suffering, Dan Mayer

Twenty-year-old Billy Johnson is afflicted by the hollowness.

All reason is lost when it has him in its grip, pushing him towards acts of unspeakable cruelty. When a hiking accident leaves him injured on an isolated mountain, facing imminent death, Billy looks for meaning in his tragic life. The hollowness, a malevolent force that consumes him, is responsible for the loss of everything good in his life: a relationship with his father, his beloved younger brother Henry, and the first woman to love him, Lisa.

At the peak of despair, on the cusp of death, he encounters a strange old man, who is eerily familiar. Is this Billy’s last chance to redeem his troubled life and rid himself of the hollowness?

Dan Mayer’s The Suffering is an exhilarating and provocative novel that gripped me the moment I opened the pages! The Suffering takes us into the tortured life of an empty soul whose only solace can be found at the expense and cruelty of others. I was on edge from the very beginning of The Suffering as the tension; Dan Mayer has brilliantly woven into his electrifying narrative, builds to a deafening crescendo! The Suffering by Dan Mayer is a superb thriller until the startling conclusion!

The hollowness eventually consumes all you hold dear.

Billy Johnson is in the grips of the hollowness; cruelty is the only nourishment that can fill the empty void within him. The hollowness has stripped Billy of his younger brother Henry, the relationship with his father, and Lisa, the only woman to have ever loved him. Everything that meant anything to him. A hiking accident forces Billy to search for meaning in his anguish-filled life. At the edge of death, forsaken on a remote mountain, Billy happens upon an old man, he senses an odd familiarity to the mysterious stranger, an inexplicable awareness.

Has the hollowness completely consumed Billy, or is there any hope left for redemption?

The Suffering by Dan Mayer is a twisted web of suspense and intrigue that will have any reader anxiously turning the pages until the very end, as it did me! I was enthralled in the dynamic character development that deepens the narrative which delves into the darker side of the human psyche. Posing age-old questions, can I ever truly change and do I deserve forgiveness? The Suffering by Dan Mayer goes beyond a thriller, forcing us, mesmerized readers, to take a closer look at ourselves and the cost of our own empty desires. The Suffering by Dan Mayer is a fantastic and thrilling novel that will tantalize the senses of any reader!

Dan Mayer is a phenomenal author; he intricately designs a thrilling piece of literature that is engaging and exciting! This comes as no surprise after having enjoyed another of his chilling and thought-provoking novels, Reborn, which explores other fascinating facets of human existence. I love how Dan Mayer is able to reach us, fevered readers, intimately creating a personal experience with his remarkable tale of loss, depravity, and atonement! His writing style is captivating, intelligent and alluring; Dan Mayer is unparalleled. He continues to raise the bar and surpass any and all expectations with his novel The Suffering, both profound and thrilling, which shows how truly talented and creative he is as an author who should not be missed!

The Suffering by Dan Mayer is a masterfully designed novel that chilled me to my core! I was entranced by the flawless storyline that kept me guessing until the very end. Dan Mayer keeps the suspense and intrigue on high as we face the ultimate question, am I worthy of absolution? The Suffering creeps into our marrow, much like the malevolent hollowness crept into Billy entwining itself into the very essence of who he is; Dan Mayer ensnares us, beloved readers, in the gritty world he has exquisitely constructed. The Suffering by Dan Mayer is incomparable, vividly detailed, and ingeniously designed creating a riveting novel that I immensely delight in having read. I exuberantly and wholeheartedly award The Suffering by Dan Mayer five stars!

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