The Rock of Achill, Jim Sheehan

An Irish tale you’ve never been told.

As the last days of mythical Ireland draw to a close, experience the collision of the magical and early-nineteenth-century worlds. On a mission to secure the funds to recover his family land, Donn, an adolescent boy, joins a crew including Irish knights and escaped rebels as they set sail to restore an ancient kingdom. He leaves his new love, Bridget, behind on Achill Island, hoping that he can return to her a propertied gentleman and ask for her hand in marriage. Will Bridget wait for him or marry another? During his travels, the newly knighted Donn faces legendary creatures trying to prevent the recovery of the lost treasures of the Tuatha de Danann.

Through foamy seas, holy knights of a former age sail for glory and God. In the chaotic time of Europe’s struggle for liberty, during the Napoleonic age, find these Irish rebels cutting through Barbary pirates and faerie guardians alike. When on land, they ride their horses, noble of spirit, past the perils that lie in wait. Will Donn, after years of high adventure, return to his beloved and reclaim his family land?

With witches, demons, dancing faeries, and a mischievous clurichaun, this romantic historical fantasy is sure to awaken your heart.

The Rock of Achill is a unique, compelling, and entertaining historical fantasy novel laced with many factual and even romantic elements, that will delight as well as thrill readers for many hours. Never before have I read a book like The Rock of Achill because the book is a fantasy tale with many twists and turns galore. The story laced between the pages of this book is one that captivated me from the beginning, to be honest even the description of the book fascinated me, so that is why I have to recommend that all of you lovely readers read The Rock of Achill because I promise that you will not have read anything like it before!

The Rock of Achill is a book unlike anything I have read before; never before have I read a book with so many fascinating and thrilling moments that compelled me to read the fastest I ever have! The Rock of Achill can only be described as the kind of book that is addictive; it is addictive because you will find yourself always thinking about it when it is not in your hands and you will long to read it and immerse yourself in it!

The Rock of Achill is a phenomenal book that will take the reader back in time to Ireland and will introduce the reader to a young man called Donn. Donn has found love with Bridget and so he wants to plan for his future which includes securing funds to recover his family land. To accomplish this he must embark on a sailing mission with a crew of knights and rebels to restore an ancient kingdom. Donn will be gone for a while, will his love wait for him and will he be able to accomplish his goal? Read the incredible The Rock of Achill to find out!

The story of The Rock of Achill is sensational, and I applaud the exceptional author Jim Sheehan for putting a twist on the genre. The fact that the story is so original and unique and incredibly entertaining at the same time shows us that Sheehan is a talented wordsmith who knows how to be creative and brazen with his thoughts and think outside of the box. I adore how Sheehan took risks with The Rock of Achill and decided to put a twist on a much-loved genre; this is incredibly hard to do and even harder to pull off, so it is safe for me to write that I adore Sheehan’s literature!

The story of The Rock of Achill is quite simply amazing; amazing however is just one of the words I would use to describe The Rock of Achill as it is so much more than this. It is a fascinating tale laced with many incredible moments that will fascinate, shock, and thrill its readers, while these elements are also weaved around a sensational fictional tale that will have you on the edge of your seat. It makes for a memorable reading experience full of many ups and downs and will have you saying ”just one more page!” as it is that incredible book lovers.

As The Rock of Achill is a brilliant, mesmerizing, and thrilling story that will take you on an incredible adventure I, of course, have to award this excellent book five stars! So please, if you are looking to get lost in a unique fantasy tale then read this book because you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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