The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy, J.G. Schwartz

Was Ethel Rosenberg executed for the wrong crime?
By early 1940, after almost a decade of planning and implementing stricter and more aggressive anti-Semitic laws, the “Final Solution,” Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jewish people, is set in place.
Ethel Rosenberg, along with other members of the Young Communist League, attempt to draw isolationist America into the European war to stop the genocide.
Just prior to World War II, a plan is set in place to infiltrate the highest offices of the War Department.
The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy begins in the early 1920s and continues through the 1990s. It is full of intrigue with numerous plot twists including blackmail and murder. The novel is a harrowing tale of female resistance and camaraderie.

Pearl Harbor Conspiracy by J.G. Schwartz is a phenomenal historical fiction novel. Brimming with suspense and intrigue, J.G. Schwartz’s The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy transports us, adventurous readers, back to a tumultuous war-ravaged time when treason and espionage changed the face of history irrevocably! I was drawn in, enticed, by an elderly hospice patient cared for by her daughter, only to be absorbed entirely by the emotional complexities that awaken. The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy by J.G. Schwartz is an exciting and thought-provoking piece of fiction that will keep all readers fervently reading the pages until the very end as it did me!

Rebecca took time from her career as a school teacher to care for her ailing mother Bernice. Bernice, once a teacher herself, is in hospice care due to her failing health. A mysterious envelope arrives containing startling confidential information that shakes Rebecca to her core. Rebecca knew her mother was related to Ethel Rosenburg. Ethel and her husband Julius were Russian spies, executed for their crimes during World War II. They had been members of the Young Communist League, attempting to bring America out of isolation and into the European war to stop Hitler and his “Final Solution.” This pales in comparison to the tale Bernice has to tell after confronted by her daughter and the mysterious envelope.

The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy by J.G. Schwartz is a thrilling piece of fiction flawlessly weaving historical figures within a fable that shines a new light on the world’s most tragic era! I was enthralled in Bernice’s deathbed confession, only revealing her lifelong secret after her daughter Rebecca confronts her with shocking evidence from her past. I love how Bernice’s tantalizing tale of deception and even murder came in pieces between her nurse check-ins and rest, showing J.G. Schwartz’s unprecedented attention to detail which gives The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy its captivating authenticity! The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy by J.G. Schwartz is a sensational historical fiction novel that will ensnare any reader in its wonderfully written pages!

J.G. Schwartz is a remarkable historical fiction author! Her writing of the past weaves a beautiful tapestry of breathtaking twists and turns that keeps us, beloved readers, enamored with J.G. Schwartz unique creation, The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy. J.G. Schwartz transitions from the past to modern day with ease, she leads us down a path of intertwining times that is nothing short of astounding! Beyond her intelligently designed narrative, we are pulled into her fascinating novel, The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy, by J.G. Schwartz’s dazzling storytelling. J.G. Schwartz has masterfully combined bribery, deception, and treason with a daughter’s unimaginable choice in a riveting novel which shows what an extraordinarily talented author she is whose work should not be missed!

J.G. Schwartz’s The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy is an unparalleled historical fiction novel. From the very beginning, we are effortlessly pulled in by the outstanding narrative elegantly strung together by J.G. Schwartz. The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy by J.G. Schwartz is an astonishing build of action and excitement as Bernice bequeaths her truths to Rebecca of her role in a time when the morals of the human race were twisted and corrupt, a time when humanity itself was under attack. The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy by J.G. Schwartz is a powerfully poignant piece of literature I profoundly enjoyed having immersed myself in! I unequivocally and enthusiastically award J.G. Schwartz five stars for her marvelous historical fiction novel, The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy!

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