The Man Who Hacked the World, Alex Cody Foster

John McAfee: internet pioneer, presidential candidate, and probable madman.
After parting ways with the eponymous McAfee Antivirus software company in 1994, McAfee embarked on innumerable business, political, and criminal enterprises. From investing in cybersecurity and cryptocurrency, to accusations of murdering his neighbor in Belize, to making two unsuccessful bids for President of the United States—the latter attempt done in exile following a federal indictment—this larger-than-life man nurtured a rakish public profile while evading law enforcement for his involvement with drugs, weapons, and murder.
For six months, Alex Cody Foster—hired as McAfee’s ghostwriter—traveled with McAfee across America and Europe, occasionally going on the run to evade purported killers and kidnappers. Foster tells the incomparable tale of how the two of them met, where their adventures had taken them, and what precipitated McAfee’s death.

The Man Who Hacked the World is a compelling and intriguing memoir that will captivate as well as entertain readers for many hours on end. The Man Who Hacked the World is a book I knew I had to read and review thanks to the captivating and intriguing premise. I have now finished reading the brilliant The Man Who Hacked the World, and I can happily write that this book did live up to my expectations and is a book I love and am fascinated by! Readers who enjoy honest/insightful memoirs will adore The Man Who Hacked the World thanks to its gripping, intriguing, and captivating story, so I implore readers who love these genres to read this fascinating book… you will not regret it!

The talented author Alex Cody Foster writes The Man Who Hacked the World and throughout his book he shares his experiences with the notorious John McAfee. John McAfee after parting ways with the McAfee Antivirus software company, went on to become involved in criminal enterprise and even politics.

The reader will learn that the author Alex Cody Foster, was hired as McAfee’s ghostwriter and traveled across America and Europe with him and what unfolds along the way is shocking! Foster takes the reader on this journey and tells us all about the crazy goings-on that happened and how they had to evade killers and kidnappers. In The Man Who Hacked the World, Foster doesn’t hold back on anything and honestly shares everything about this time of his time from how they met, to the adventures they embarked on and what happened after McAfee’s death. It makes for a thrilling and fascinating memoir like no other and why it shouldn’t be missed!

The Man Who Hacked the World is a book that is flawlessly written and a book that is executed in the most entertaining of ways. Alex Cody Foster is a talented author; the reader won’t be able to think anything but this as they begin to read his book as his descriptive prose combined with the extensive but concise details laced throughout, is incredible and will entertain/inform readers for many hours.

Alex Cody Foster is an author who is brazen with his work, he holds back on nothing regarding the going on’s which occurred. The outcome of this is an accurate portrayal and honest story that you can’t help but fall in love with. Foster is an author I admire for many reasons, one of them being the fact that he does not hold back with regard to the hardships explored throughout the book and the other because of his eloquent prose that captivated me from the very start. I adore the fact that Foster decided to write an honest book that does not hold back on the finer details; this is a crucial factor in a memoir book and a winning factor so this, combined with the fact that Foster is a talented author ensures that The Man Who Hacked the World is one of the best memoirs I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

As The Man Who Hacked the World is an intricately detailed, flawless, intriguing and let’s not forget, memorable story, I have no choice but to award this stellar book five stars so please if you are a reader who loves memoirs then you should not miss out on this brilliant book!

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