The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times, Emily Lodge

From the earliest days of the American colonies, through the Gilded Age, to the late 20th century, The Lodge Women traces a line of the family’s remarkable history that is at once intensely personal, political and wholly universal. Based on archival research, interviews and personal memoirs, the stories are largely told through the voices of the actors themselves, heard in the rich collection of personal letters exchanged with the luminaries of the time whose lives were linked with the Lodges in politics, the arts and family: Henry Adams, Henry James, Theodore Roosevelt, John Hay, Elizabeth Cameron and Edith Wharton, some of whose letters are published here for the first time.

The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times written by Emily Lodge is a unique and stellar book that will stay with me for a long time thanks to its wealth of knowledge and information laced throughout the pages as well as the captivating stories of many inspirational women. The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times is a book that has floored me; the sensational amount of historical depth in this book is incredible and Emily Lodge should already be applauded for all of her research and combining it into a wonderful book!

The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times is a unique, brilliant and informative historical nonfiction book that took me on a journey like no other. The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times is a read that will undoubtedly move, inspire as well as inform readers from start to finish. The reader in The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times will be taken on a journey by the wonderful author Emily Lodge and will explore the Lodge family, going back several generations, focusing primarily on the Gilded Age. What this thus explores is what it was like to be a woman during this time, how it was to live in this age as well as all that occurred. It makes for a sensational read, full of a family’s history that is rich with many fascinating facts as well as beautiful photographs of the real people and so much more. It is an incredible book and should not be missed book lovers!

The amount of knowledge in The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times is phenomenal, and from start, to finish I found myself learning all thanks to Lodge’s writing continuously and how much information is laced throughout it. There is no doubt that Lodge is a talented writer who will with her book, inform readers on the Gilded Age and the ‘Lodge Women’ wonderfully!

Emily Lodge is a phenomenal writer, and this is evident throughout her book. I adored everything she explored because each subject was well explained so that no reader would ever be confused or ‘left behind.’ That is one of the many things I love about Lodge’s book is that she always makes sure her reader is not only entertained but informed, and she does this by lacing historical factual information throughout the book which is easy to understand and that is one of the many wonderful things about Lodge’s book!

Emily Lodge is not only a phenomenal writer for the historical knowledge she has laced throughout her book as well as sharing the wonderful stories laced throughout, but she is also brilliant for writing her book in an accessible, easy to read. I was impressed from the start as I began to read The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times and I noticed early on that the writing was flawless and flowed beautifully from one page to the next. Reads that flow naturally always make the best kind of reads because if a book is stagnant and choppy, it will deter the reader from reading, so I applaud Lodge for writing her book in such a remarkable way!

To conclude my thoughts on The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times, I would say if you are a reader who is looking to learn more about the Gilded Age in history, phenomenal women and their men, and be taken on a historical journey like no other, then The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times is for you and should not be missed! And so this wonderful book gets five stars from me!

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