The Life & Times Of Baxter The Bat Dog, Carollee Wagonlite

Baxter (lovingly called “The Bat Dog”) — a tiny rescued dog — takes kids through his adventures of becoming a TV star, his first Halloween, and a true, 100% fact-based, miraculous Christmas celebration. The lighthearted stories educate children that life–whether human or animal–is valuable, reinforcing the concept that all creatures have their own place and time on Earth. Baxter is an inspiration to children who suffer from traumatic events such as abandonment or physical injuries.

Carollee Wagonlite has truly gifted us, enamored readers, with The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog! The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog is a remarkable children’s book brimming with hope and love until the wondrous end. Carollee Wagonlite marvelously touches the hearts of both children and adults alike with the tiny rescue dog I will gladly never forget! The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite will captivate any reader with its wholesome message, engaging and fun storytelling, and endearing illustrations by Oswaldo Rosales. The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite is a heartwarming children’s book that should not be missed!

Baxter was abandoned by his first family, unable to come to their new home, he becomes a tiny rescue dog. After an incident inadvertently leads Baxter to fame, he is adopted into a loving new family with new friends. Baxter’s great personality stands out in his new loving home as he learns lessons in friendship and compassion. Dressing up for trick or treating, Baxter shares his treats while celebrating spooky good fun on Halloween. Baxter struggles to find the perfect gift for his new owner and cat friends. On his search for just the right gift, Baxter learns the true meaning of Christmas.

The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite fills us, beloved readers, with a rush of emotions as we embark on the pointy-eared dog’s charming adventure! I will never forget how incredulous my children were when Baxter was abandoned by his first family. They were in disbelief, until his new family adopted him, and joy washed over them as Baxter was accepted into his new loving family! Children’s books are fun and entertaining, bright colors and silly words have made children giggle for as long as stories have been told. It is truly rare to find a child’s book that teaches such fundamental values yet is engaging and enjoyable. The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite is a fascinating children’s book that will enchant any reader with its thought-provoking and whimsical narrative around the charismatic and relatable Baxter as he teaches kindness and the importance of all life human and pet included, as well as sharing, through his three wonderful stories!

Carollee Wagonlite is an exceptional children’s author, her storytelling is unique and unforgettable! I love that Carollee Wagonlite divides The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog into three individual stories; how Baxter becomes famous, Halloween, and Christmas. Each story teaches us something different and yet equally valuable in a fun-loving way that children adore which displays her unprecedented talent as an author! I found myself completely entranced by The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite, right alongside my children, as Baxter makes unlikely friends on his delightful adventures! Carollee Wagonlite has created an ambrosial piece of literature that is both virtuous and humorous which stands tall amongst a lovely genre of children’s books!

One of the world’s largest humane societies posted its top 100 children’s books of all time. The Life & Times of Baxter the Bat Dog was placed prominently among books such as Black Beauty and Charlotte’s Web. Kudos to both Baxter himself and Carollee Wagonlite for this significant recognition!

The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite is an outstanding children’s book that I profoundly enjoyed sharing with my family. Carollee Wagonlite has created a magnificent tale that captures the heart and attention of children, dazzling us, exuberant readers, with the spirited and cheerful Baxter and his inspirational ventures! I love the fun-loving ambiance that kept me giggling right beside my children, especially when Baxter dresses for Halloween! The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog is a wonderful medium to help address many difficult topics constructing a bridge between adult and child that opens a dialog leading to a greater understanding. The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by, the astonishingly talented children’s author, Carollee Wagonlite is an exceptionally sensational children’s book filled with animated illustration that brings the incredible storytelling to brilliant life! I unconditionally and joyfully award The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite five stars!

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