The King Has Chosen, Tori Joel

After King Lemuel, the king of rainbows realized he cannot afford to leave his kingdom anymore to create rainbows on Earth, the wise monarch has chosen seven special subjects to do the work in his place.

The king chose these Seven Rainbow Superstars from thousands upon thousands of talented people, such as engineers, dancers, authors, actors, physicists, farmers, reporters, and plumbers.

However, the king’s job isn’t done. As it turns out, the seven are unable to form rainbows; something is missing! What is the missing ingredient and what can King Lemuel do? Does the king have what it takes to meet the challenge?

The answer lies within these pages!

The King Has Chosen is a wonderful, inspiring, and exciting children’s book that will take its young readers on an incredible journey that is full of many memorable moments and a host of poignant messages! The King Has Chosen is one of the most adorable and endearing children books I have ever read and is a sensational story for children that should not be missed!

The King Has Chosen is an adorable and captivating children’s read that will inspire, entertain, and captivate young readers from start to finish. The reader in The King Has Chosen will be taken to a magical kingdom and we will meet King Lemuel, the King of Rainbows! King Lemuel has been creating rainbows for Earth but he can’t do so now. This leads King Lemuel to choose ‘Seven Rainbow Superstars’ from a wide range of professions to do the job for him. However, he soon learns that the seven are unable to do it! What is the missing ingredient and will King Lemuel be able to succeed? Read the incredible The King Has Chosen to find out!

The story of The King Has Chosen is outstanding and full of a host of many entertaining themes and poignant messages thanks to the exceptional author Tori Joel. Joel throughout her book explores many topics and themes throughout her book, and the themes are perfectly weaved together into one mesmerizing read, and the result is a delightful book that all children should read or be read! The story of The King Has Chosen is rich and vivid and will captivate young readers’ minds with its vivid descriptions, images, and characters and so I really do implore you lovely readers to give this book a chance!

Tori Joel is an exceptional author thanks to her impeccably well-developed story, but she is also an excellent writer thanks to the themes she explores throughout her story as well as her glorious descriptions. The descriptions courtesy of Joel will dazzle and captivate young minds… so much so that your children will want you to re-read the book to them! The writing throughout this book is that of a true wordsmith and storyteller. The imagination as well as the creativity laced throughout The King Has Chosen is remarkable and will have readers turning the pages all night.

As The King Has Chosen is an entertaining, moving, and compelling children’s book that all children should read, I, of course, have to award this book a dazzling five stars! So please, all parents please do buy and read this book for your child and all those that have young nephews, cousins, and nieces, etc. should buy this book for them as it is one of the most charming children’s book I have ever encountered.

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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