The Joy of Running qua Running, Scott F. Parker

From the author of Running after Prefontaine and Run for Your Life: A Manifesto comes a collection of essential writings on running. Parker is at his best here celebrating the kind of playful running that any runner can enjoy. The Joy of Running qua Running is a light-hearted and light-footed jog through our most human sport.

Many of the pieces collected here are new. Others have appeared previously in Sport Literate, the Oregonian, Run Minnesota, Philosophy Now, and the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, among other publications.

The Joy of Running qua Running is a compelling, informative, and memorable guide all about running – and the joy of it! That compelled me to read as well as informed me from beginning to end thanks to the book’s insightful and useful knowledge! The Joy of Running qua Running is a book I was happy to discover because it has the ability to bring joy to many people thanks to the enthusiasm for running laced throughout. That is why I would recommend this book to all those who are looking to read a fun and memorable book, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

The Joy of Running qua Running is an incredible, influential, and fascinating book that will take its readers on a journey through running and the joy of it. The author of the book has written a wonderful book in which he has compiled essential readings (including poems and essays!), all on running that will make you fall in love with the sport all over again, while also inspiring you to get out there and run for fun! It makes for a brilliant and light-hearted read that is perfect for the avid runner, or those who are considering getting into running, as I guarantee that it will help to inspire you to get out there and do it! It makes not only for an inspirational book but one that is informative and intriguing and makes for a great read that will entertain you from beginning to end thanks to Scott F. Parker’s literature and organization.

The knowledge and wisdom courtesy of Scott F. Parker laced throughout the book impressed me continuously because just when I thought Parker could not have any more knowledge and information to share, he surprised me and expanded on his wealth of knowledge even more! Which is of course all thanks to his many years of running!

What I love about Scott F. Parker’s literature too is that he is never once preachy or pushy about running; instead, he wonderfully shares his knowledge and experience to help, inform, and inspire others. The Joy of Running qua Running is incredible too for its wealth of knowledge and it makes for a great book that can easily be read multiple times!

Scott F. Parker is not only a phenomenal man for his wealth of knowledge and insight, but he also is for his exceptional literature that flows beautifully throughout! Sadly many books of this nature are not written well because although the author in question has the knowledge or experience, they do not know how to inform and captivate the reader but Parker does. From the start, Parker managed to captivate me and compel me to turn the pages with haste thanks to the intrigue, knowledge, and incredible personality.

Overall The Joy of Running qua Running is an inspiring, incredible, and informative book that will delight, entertain, and inform you so I have to award this stellar book five stars! Please do have a read of the book preview below, you won’t regret it!

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