The Couple’s Counsel, Ikenna Ngene Ph.D. & Ijeoma Ngene

The story; lessons, and insights within its pages are invaluable, and have the power to lead to a profound transformation in your marriage.

Tom and Liz, our guides on this journey, draw from their own personal experiences and years of coaching other couples to share valuable insights on how to find “me” in “we,” create intimacy, and overcome the challenges that can come with any relationship. Their engaging storytelling style makes this book a page-turner that’s not only informative, but also fun to read.

What sets “The Couple’s Counsel” apart is the way it weaves together coaching lessons and personal experiences. The book unravels the tale of three couples working to rekindle the spark in their relationship. The result is a book that’s relatable, engaging, and truly inspiring. You’ll find yourself nodding along as you recognize aspects of your own relationship, and discover new ways to connect with your spouse.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the transformational power of “The Couple’s Counsel.” Whether you’re struggling with challenges in your marriage or simply looking to take your relationship to the next level, the insights within this book are a game changer!

The Couple’s Counsel is an incredible and poignant book that stands out amongst its genre and one that captivated me from start to finish with ease! The Couple’s Counsel was a phenomenal and moving read and an incredibly memorable one that I will struggle to forget for a long time thanks to the compelling story and extraordinary characters the reader meets along the way! That is why I already recommend that you lovely readers have a read of The Couple’s Counsel, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

The Couple’s Counsel is a beautiful, captivating, and memorable novel that will not only entertain you, but also help you and guide you in your own marriage despite it being a fictional story… but a fictional story with many real themes. The reader will meet Pete and Jane who after years of marriage, are experiencing problems and decide to attend a couple’s retreat thanks to the advice of Jane’s mother. It is here that we meet three couples, including Tom and Liz, the host couple. Together they all connect and throughout counseling sessions and time spent together, they learn how to overcome obstacles in their marriage and the result is an emotive tale that shouldn’t be missed!

The story of The Couple’s Counsel is quite simply sensational as well as thought-provoking and moving! The Couple’s Counsel is a book that deals with many poignant themes, and the outcome is a beautiful piece of literature that will stay prominent in readers’ minds for many weeks upon completion. To write I am astounded by The Couple’s Counsel is an understatement, this captivating book captured me and held me captive until the very end!

Ikenna Ngene Ph.D. & Ijeoma Ngene are the remarkable authors of this book and geniuses; they are genius because they have expertly weaved numerous themes throughout their book The Couple’s Counsel, in a flawless way in which all subjects blend perfectly together. The Couple’s Counsel is an incredible book that has moved and amazed me; the gripping nature of this novel makes The Couple’s Counsel not only a stellar story but also a poignant one that should be read by everybody. If you do choose to read this book, then you will not be disappointed because it is a moving, compelling, and entertaining book that should not be missed!

As I am madly in love with The Couple’s Counsel and think it is a captivating and poignant novel with a moving and memorable plot, I have no choice but to award it a dazzling five stars because it deserves this! The Couple’s Counsel indeed is a captivating book, and so I hope you lovely readers take my advice when I write that you should read this excellent book, you will not regret it!

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