The Aviculturist, Ann Smythe

Atmospheric and compelling, Ann Smythe’s debut immerses the reader in a gripping story of love, murder and revenge.
June 1971, Alice Sanders is celebrating her sixth birthday at her family’s Cornish country home in Lostmor. But by the end of the evening, an event so horrific unfolds that it changes the family’s lives forever.

Years later, following the death of her mother, Alice’s sister reluctantly returns to Cornwall for the reading of a mystery will. Once there, with the help of newly found friends she gradually unravels a web of secrets surrounding her family’s past and unlocks the reasons for her nightmares that she has spent a lifetime trying to escape. Meanwhile, as a violent storm grips the sleepy town of Lostmor, a cataclysmic chain of events leads to a perilous outcome no one could have predicted.

The Aviculturist is a fast-paced, unique suspense novel that will take its readers on an entertaining, moving journey that will thrill and excite readers for hours on end. The story is an entertaining one that will enthrall, captivate and excite its readers from the very start and this is thanks to the well-accomplished author, Ann Smythe who from the start hooks her readers and keeps them captivated to the very end. Already I have to recommend The Aviculturist to readers that love novels with a twist but if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about this captivating story!

The Aviculturist is a moving, incredible, and memorable novel that will take its readers on a journey that will move and captivate you from start to finish. The reader in The Aviculturist will meet the protagonist of the novel Lily, a woman who has returned to her old home in Lostmor after the death of her mother. Being back home brings back traumatic memories from her childhood and soon Lily will discover shocking family secrets that will chill her to her core and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible The Aviculturist!

The story of The Aviculturist is one that is full of mystery and captivating moments. All of this and more is perfectly weaved together into one of the most entertaining stories I have ever read, and this is thanks to the phenomenal author Ann Smythe who from beginning to end thrills me with her in-depth and compelling literature and brilliant characters.

Ann Smythe is an exceptional author, and her book The Aviculturist is the perfect read for me as books such as this one make for the perfect read that you struggle to put down, thanks to the unique nature and investible characters. Ann Smythe knows how to flawlessly transport her reader into the story and because her descriptions are glorious they will correctly paint a picture of the places the reader travels to and it makes for a memorable read that you do not want to miss.

Overall The Aviculturist is a magnificent, sensational, and entertaining book that will easily entertain its readers and captivate them to read for many hours so I, of course, have to award this incredible book five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you will not regret it!

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