The Amazing Imagination Machine, Bailey Day

Even Nightmares Can Come True…

Jake’s never been inclined to listen to his mom very seriously, but after breaking her rules causes him to crash the family car, he realizes that maybe he should have just obeyed his mother in the first place. No one’s hurt, but with his dad out of town and his mom getting into a serious accident while he’s away, sixteen-year-old Jake’s life comes to a screaming halt. To make matters worse, the only adult nearby to care for him and his little sister while their dad tries desperately to get home is their Uncle Mark, a horror writer and perhaps the only relative Jake cannot stand. Jake begrudgingly agrees to spend the night at his uncle’s house to protect his little sister.

Across from his uncle’s home is a huge, abandoned toy factory, one that Jake disregards until he sees a creepy doll skulking around on its own. When the doll starts harassing his sister and she chases it to the toy factory, Jake feels he has no choice but to follow after. Once inside, Jake accidentally passes through the Amazing Imagination Machine, bringing his greatest nightmare to life.
Jake is forced to find a way to stop his own creation and all the monsters spawned from the machine before they can kill him, discovering some dark secrets that have been hidden in his family tree along the way.

The Amazing Imagination Machine is a sensational young adult fantasy novel that will take its readers on a fast-paced, thrilling, and captivating journey that is guaranteed to keep readers hooked for many hours! The Amazing Imagination Machine is a novel that will captivate and intrigue you from the very start; the fast-paced narrative combined with twists and turns will have you turning the pages with haste. That is why I already have to recommend this novel to you lovely readers but if you need more convincing, then continue to read to learn more about the incredible The Amazing Imagination Machine!

The Amazing Imagination Machine is a thrilling, unforgettable, and incredibly entertaining novel that will take its readers on a brilliant journey full of twists and turns galore! The reader in The Amazing Imagination Machine will meet the sixteen-year-old protagonist of the novel, Jake, whose life is turned upside down when he breaks his mother’s rules and crashes the family car. Although nobody is hurt, nobody is around to take care of Jake as his mom was in an accident and his dad is away, so he must stay with his uncle Mark with his sister while his dad desperately tries to get home.

Jake’s uncle Mark is a horror writer and by his home is an abandoned toy factory that is creepy, but seems harmless… that is until he sees a doll moving on its own, and when it starts harassing his sister, his life will change forever. Soon Jake will find himself inside the factory, and passing through the Amazing Imagination Machine, which brings his nightmares to life. What follows is a shocking but captivating tale in which Jake will have to avoid being killed while learning some long-buried secrets, and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible The Amazing Imagination Machine!

The story laced between the pages of The Amazing Imagination Machine is thrilling, and unlike anything, I have read before! The story is an intriguing one because, from the beginning, the book is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. The reader does not know what is about to happen, and so it captivates them to read. As I read the book, I found myself invested very quickly in the story and wanted to know more!

The Amazing Imagination Machine is an incredible novel I won’t be able to forget for a long time and this is thanks to the story and all of its captivating moments that will keep readers on edge from start to finish. The story that unfolds is gripping and is an all-consuming work of excellence. Because of this, I struggled to put the book down. I found myself compelled to read until there was nothing left to read. This is thanks to the thrilling, and exciting story courtesy of the author Bailey Day.
Bailey Day has managed to write an incredible novel that is full of action, suspense, and poignancy. This will keep readers of The Amazing Imagination Machine turning the pages into the early hours of the morning. Day is a writer who does not hold back; she thrusts her readers into the thick of the drama very early on, and she keeps them turning the pages thanks to her excellent descriptive powers. The author perfectly describes the scenes in her book, as well as her characters, and this correctly places the reader in the thick of the story as the reader can imagine every place and event perfectly.

To summarize my thoughts on the wonderful novel that is The Amazing Imagination Machine, I would say if you are a reader who is tired of reading the same old young adult books that are lackluster and forgettable, then take a chance on this excellent read, because I promise that you will not be disappointed! I give The Amazing Imagination Machine five stars so be sure to check it out and have a read of the preview below!

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