Sunshine for the Soul, Nick Olsen

This poetry collection is a personal reflection of the author’s experiences amid the Covid-19 crisis and the world around us. He watched the reports on television, spoke with first responders, and witnessed many who died from this horrible virus and the toll it has taken on families. Covid-19 brought out the horror of our society—friends, family, and neighbors fighting amongst themselves— but it also revealed those who love and care for their fellow man.

Since this great nation’s birth, America has always come together to fight for its people until our foes are successfully defeated. On the contrary, Covid-19 became a political tool igniting a civil war between Red and Blue states, pitting one against the other.

May we all be as one in defeating the Covid-19 virus, as we are nevertheless, the United States of America!

Sunshine for the Soul, by Nick Olsen, is a captivating poetry book with motivational/self-help themes. Each piece conveys wisdom and insight into our tumultuous new world and how to live peacefully in it. Suppose you have struggled, especially through the pandemic, and need to fine hope and solace. In that case, Sunshine for the Soul can guide you on an emotional, healing journey to help you make sense of your new reality.

The poems that make up Sunshine for the Soul are stunning by themselves and simply breathtaking when taken in as a whole. The author has painstakingly matched poems with images and photographs to invoke the intended mood. As a result, the book is colorful in both the verbal and the visual. I loved the personal journey Nick Olsen took me on—I felt a whole host of different emotions that brought me peace through all of the confusion of the pandemic.

The wisdom and words Nick shares throughout Sunshine for the Soul are both sensitive and awe-inspiring. I enjoyed a truly thought-provoking reading experience! I am impressed by Olsen’s ability to weave his stories and life lessons learned from the pandemic throughout the book so flawlessly. Sunshine for the Soul stands out as a truly unique poetry collection that shouldn’t be missed.

In my opinion, Sunshine for the Soul is a beautiful,  inspirational, and helpful poetry book with a unique touch. Thus, I have no choice but to award this brilliant book five stars! Be sure to read the preview below, book lovers; you will not regret it! If you love what you have read, then please follow the links below.

Goodbye, for now, book lovers,

P.S. If you would like to learn more about the author and the book, please browse the links below. Thank you so much again for reading book lovers!

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