Squeeze Plays, Jeffrey Marshall

A modern tableau about money and power set in New York and London.

Two powerful men, a bank chief executive and a New York tabloid publisher, are at odds over a loan that would keep the publisher afloat. Enter a ruthless Russian oligarch with an offer of a financial life raft to the publisher – a gambit uncovered by a dogged financial reporter who senses a big story.

In Squeeze Plays, Jeffrey Marshall whisks us into the paneled boardrooms and lavish penthouses of the New York elite and shows us their lifestyle, their desires and their foibles. Using his background as a financial journalist, he carefully details the reporter’s story, which ties the central characters together in what becomes a stunning front-page expose. Along the way, the reader visits New York, London, Nantucket and the English countryside and sees not just financial skullduggery but sexual blackmail, strong and principled female characters, and a brisk and often satirical take on the corrupting influences of wealth and power.

Squeeze Plays… where do I begin book lovers? Squeeze Plays is undoubtedly a novel that should not be missed by anybody because the story that unfolds throughout it is genius, flawlessly written, and incredibly entertaining. When I read the premise of Squeeze Plays, I knew instantly that it was a book I had to read as well as a book I would love. I love to find tales of this nature that are laced with insight and so I was excited to read Squeeze Plays!

Squeeze Plays is an eye-opening and captivating novel that takes a satirical look at the rich and elite. The reader will be introduced to a New York tabloid publisher and a bank chief executive whose lives become muddled over a loan that would keep their publisher afloat.

The reader will also be introduced to a Russian oligarch who is looking to offer financial aid to the publisher but not all is what it seems. The reader will follow these characters and more as we get immersed in their luxurious and complicated lives. The author Jeffrey Marshall uses his background as a financial journalist to provide accurate insight into the lives of the New York elite and it makes for a fascinating tale! So follow these characters and visit New York, London, and even England and get lost in the complicated world of the rich and elite and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Squeeze Plays!

The story of Squeeze Plays is an intriguing one and one that left me shocked at many points. What unfolds throughout Squeeze Plays is intriguing and incredibly entertaining, and I was always shocked and engrossed because although I thought I knew where the book was going to go, it didn’t go that way and instead took a U-turn and it made for brilliant reading! The themes combined and laced throughout Squeeze Plays perfectly complement the atmosphere of the book and story; the reader will experience many incredible moments and have an enjoyable reading experience!

Jeffrey Marshall is an author who has written a fantastic story and come up with a brilliant plot. Marshall from the very start sets the tone of the novel; he lets his readers know that this is going to be a unique and satirical look into the world of the elites. Marshall is an exceptional writer because he grabs his reader’s attention from the start very quickly and keeps them engrossed until the end. There are no long build-ups that drag in Squeeze Plays; instead, the reader will be thrown into the thick of the story quickly, and the result of this is exciting and incredibly captivating.

Overall Squeeze Plays is a superb novel that has everything a reader would want in a story; it has a thrilling narrative, magnificent plot development, and excellent characterization that will thrill and excite its readers so of course, I have to award this impressive piece of literature five stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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