Splendor of Dawn, Ryan Gebhart

What was once reality now fills the minds of Eklean’s children as no more than fables. Despite his pointy ears, not even Devlyn believes that he is an elf; they have all passed from living memory into stories. At least, that’s what he’s been told his entire life, growing up as a ward of the abbey school of Cor’lera. One day, a silver-eyed woman with pointy ears tells him something very different and invites him beyond the village limits to discover the truth about his allegedly criminal family. Swept into a world of magic that includes dragons and a phoenix, Devlyn’s eyes open to a world he believed was a myth when shadows of the past reveal themselves once again.

Splendor of Dawn is a thrilling, incredible and exceptionally well-written book that kept me hooked for hours book lovers! Splendor of Dawn is a brilliant fantasy novel that it did not take me long to fall in love with! Splendor of Dawn truly is an incredible, thrilling, suspense-filled book that will keep readers intrigued and turning the pages with haste from beginning to end. That is why I would already implore you lovely readers to look at this astonishing book because it is just phenomenal! However, if you are not entirely convinced just yet then continue to read to learn more about the thrilling Splendor of Dawn!

Splendor of Dawn is an incredible and magical novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the novel, Devlyn. Devlyn lives in a time where the reality of magic and mystical beings are nothing more than legends. Devlyn is an elf but even with his pointy ears, he does not believe this! However soon his life is about to change when a woman with pointy ears too, offers to take him away and show him the truth not only about his kind but about his family and soon he embarks on an adventure with her to do just this! And this book loevrs is the short premise of the incredible Splendor of Dawn!

Splendor of Dawn is a fantastic story that is brilliant from start to finish, and I adored the journey the wonderful author Ryan Gebhart took me on. Gebhart managed to effortlessly incorporate many unexpected twists and turns so that the readers will turn the pages with haste and I felt myself doing this from beginning to end. As I read this book, I found myself re-reading parts because of how beautifully the text read. It was great to feel this, and I love it when an author does this to a reader as this is how reading should be! Full of shocks and surprises and great thrilling/moving moments that you will remember for a long time! And Ryan Gebhart will certainly provide his readers with this within his book Splendor of Dawn!

To conclude my thoughts on the exceptional Splendor of Dawn, I would say that Splendor of Dawn is an incredible novel and I would say if you have been bored of late of fantasy books that are lackluster and forgettable, then take a chance with Splendor of Dawn! As Splendor of Dawn is an all-consuming assault of brilliance that will keep you entertained from beginning to end! Splendor of Dawn gets five stars from me book lovers! So be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

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