Silent Invasion, Chris Shockowitz

Amber van Hosteen is working at her dream job at News Corp in New York City. That is, it’s a dream until she discovers large corporations are corrupting governments around the world, sponsoring questionable projects, and building huge factories in lawless places for an unknown purpose. Determined to learn who is behind these crimes, Amber follows a trail of clues to a remote village in North Africa.

Jeff Smith is a senior CIA agent. When his team discovers a material that cannot be made on Earth, and his director does not want to believe him. Jeff is reassigned to follow Amber to Africa, little suspecting it will lead him to the answers about the mysterious material.

Amber and Jeff have met before. He once tried to stop her from getting a story, so when he comes to her rescue in a dire situation, she is less than grateful. Soon, however, they find themselves forming a fragile alliance. When they discover an unimaginable nightmare, they quickly realize they can trust no one except each other. Soon, Jeff and Amber are being chased around the world by members of the Hidden Hand, a secret society with influence at the highest levels across many governments.

What Amber and Jeff have discovered will change the world forever if they don’t put a stop to it. But who will believe them, and will they even live to tell the tale?

Silent Invasion is one of the most brilliant science fiction novels that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Silent Invasion is a novel that is guaranteed to shock as well as thrill and excite its readers with the story’s action-packed moments and compelling moments that will stick in readers minds for a long time. Silent Invasion is a story that captivated me from the premise alone; I adore science fiction novels, so it is no surprise that I loved Silent Invasion. Silent Invasion is a book I am obsessed with so already I am going to recommend this bewitching novel to you lovely readers but if you need more convincing then continue to read to find out more about this incredible book!

Silent Invasion is a sensational novel that will take its readers on a journey of adventure and action and what the reader encounters along the way is truly shocking as well as thrilling! The reader will be introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Amber van Hosteen, living in New York City working for a News Corporation. However, although she loves her job, she soon makes an unsettling discovery involving large corporations corrupting governments around the world. This will force Amber to take a journey like no other to North Africa, and it is here that she will meet Jeff Smith. Jeff is a CIA agent who alongside his team, discovers a material, not from Earth and this forces him to on a journey like no other, and soon he and Amber will cross paths in Africa. It is here in Africa that the duo will make even more unsettling and shocking discoveries and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Silent Invasion!

The story of Silent Invasion captivated me from the first page thanks to the books sharp literature and strong opening. The reader thanks to the exceptional author Chris Shockowitz will be thrust into the action early on thanks to Shockowitz’s fast-paced narrative. The fast-paced narrative combined with the extraordinary story had me in a frenzy and turning the pages with haste, and when a reader does this, then they know that the book is good and worthy of a recommendation!

Chris Schockowitz is not only a phenomenal writer for his flawless ability to capture his reader’s attention, but he is also a great writer for his descriptive powers and characterization of characters which will hook his readers.

The premise of Silent Invasion is exceptional, original, and unlike anything I have read before. Shockowitz really has accomplished the near impossible, Shockowitz has managed to write an entertaining, bewitching, and flawless story that will perfectly unfold in readers minds like a movie.

Chris Shockowitz is a phenomenal writer who knows how to grasp his reader’s attention from the first page. Shockowitz instead of writing long, drawn-out builds up which are commonly found in dystopian novels, decides to ditch this approach and thrust his reader into the heart of the story straight away so that the reader is instantly captivated and immersed. I personally love this approach, what is the point of having a long build-up with little excitement? This is only necessary if the author in question can’t develop the characters in the story quickly, but with Shockowitz, the reader will not encounter this issue because Shockowitz instantly develops his characters and makes the reader invest in not only them but also their journey.

Overall Silent Invasion is a sensational, thrilling as well as chilling story that will provoke your thoughts as well as entertain you and so I have no choice but to award this stellar read five stars. If you are a reader who loves science fiction, then this book is for you, so do not miss out on the chance of reading it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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