Silence on the Plains, Ray Pairan

This anthology of short stories written by Ray Pairan is dystopian, raw, and full of passionate humanity. Environmental destruction and unrestrained corporatism that leads to a world of pain and suffering are offset with lusty tales that excite both physically and intellectually. Take the journey into the totally unexpected – a travel into a not to distant future that each of us may already recognize.

Anthologies and short stories are soon becoming my favorite type of reads, why? They are the perfect books to pick up and get lost in if ever you are having a busy day. I adore anthologies, but only if they are written flawlessly with each story being supremely well developed with a wealth of information. Silence on the Plains is just this; a perfect anthology book that has flawlessly written stories written throughout it that will compel, intrigue and excite you from beginning to end! Ray Pairan, the talented author of Silence on the Plains, is an incredible writer whose work needs to be recognized and read by all readers so please book lovers, if you adore anthologies and books with brilliant stories then you will love this! If you are not entirely convinced just yet then read the rest of my review to learn more about this exceptional book!

Silence on the Plains is, of course, an anthology, and so the readers get to experience many different stories throughout the book. Each story in this excellent collection is unique and they never once sound similar, and that is a hard quality to achieve with an anthology, so already I have to applaud Ray Pairan for his talent to write original, creative stories.

Silence on the Plains is a composition of different stories that will all compel you to read and get lost in entirely. Of course, I am not able to write about each story as they are short and will spoil the book but what I will write is that each story is utterly brilliant and they feature science and dystopian themes, and they are all exceptional. My particular favorites were stories called Freedom, Red Glow, and The Dangerous Blue Planet; however, this is just three of many stories laced throughout the incredible Silence on the Plains!

Ray Pairan is an incredibly talented author; there is no doubt about this as he has proved this in his different short stories. I adored how he managed to set the scene up for the story quickly and make me able to invest in the characters in the matter of a few pages. His stories may be short, but each tale is well-developed with an excellent plot, rich characterization, and compelling components that will make you fall madly in love with Silence on the Plains!

As I love Silence on the Plains so much, I have no choice but to award Silence on the Plains a dazzling five stars! It is a unique, chilling, thrilling, exceptional book that will have you turning the pages with haste. The stunning literature courtesy of Ray Pairan will excite as well as enthrall you from the first page with his well-formed stories. So please book lovers, read this excellent book, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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