Semmant, Vadim Babenko

His universe has fallen apart, but, piece by piece, he puts it back together. He overcomes the deepest hurt he has ever experienced – the rejection of an ungrateful world. He embarks on a mission: to help humankind dream again – and achieves more than he hoped for. It seems that nothing is beyond his reach, until he breaks the immutable rule: never tamper with love!

Bogdan Bogdanov, a brilliant but reclusive scientist, creates Semmant, a highly sophisticated AI program. Semmant takes on the capital markets and makes money with the ruthless efficiency of a machine. Bogdan grows richer by the day, but when he falls deeply in love, the artificial mind he has created faces a new challenge. Semmant becomes embroiled in a genuine human drama and is forced to confront the cruelty of real life. He discovers the joy of free will, but it takes him to a destination no one could have predicted.

This is a tale of lust and passion – an erotically charged story of betrayal and murder. It explores the nature of the human spirit from a truly unique standpoint. What is more elusive, it asks, the ‘real’ or the ‘virtual’? In which realm are emotions bolder and feelings purer? And, when tragedy looms, can free will prevail?

Semmant by Vadim Babenko is a mind-blowing science fiction novel that will ensnare all readers with its sensationally unique narrative and fantastic story! Vadim Babenko pushes the bounds of reality bringing us, voracious readers, to a world where artificial intelligence goes beyond our wildest imaginations. What are the consequences of manufacturing love? Semmant explores this and so much more in a riveting tale of fate, love, envy, and morals on an expedition to elevate humankind and make us dream again. I was immersed immediately in the intricately spun web of Vadim Babenko’s astonishing science fiction novel, and this is thanks to many reasons but the main one being Babenko’s ability to grasp readers attention from the very first page! Reading the flawlessly written novel Semmant has shifted my very existence irrevocably, and I would recommend it to all of you lovely readers; however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about this gem of a book!

Bogdan Bogdanov is a magnificent scientist. He has found the world does not seem to fit him, or maybe he doesn’t quite fit the world. He seeks to aid humankind in reclaiming their dreams again and reaches for perfection in his stride to create immortality. Bogdanov’s success is astounding, creating a complex artificial intelligence he names Semmant. He doesn’t stop there, he goes further, ignoring the age-old rule, never manipulate love. From betrayal to passion, the true nature of the human spirit, the essence, and embodiment of free will, and its capacity to be replicated is questioned. Which has the strongest emotions? Which world is more authentic, the virtual or reality itself?

Vadim Babenko’s Semmant will have all readers, daring enough to traverse its spine-tingling pages, on the edge of their seats questioning the essence of human emotions, altering our perception and changing us on a fundamental level. I was astounded by the growth of Semmant, organically blossoming into a masterpiece of literature, the likes of which I could never hope to encounter again. Semmant by Vadim Babenko segregates the different building blocks of human emotions into separate individual entities, creating artificial identities whose metamorphosis and philosophical implications are resounding! Semmant by, the remarkably talented author, Vadim Babenko is an intellectually superior science fiction novel that will captivate any audience, so I hope you lovely readers take my advice and read this book!

Vadim Babenko is a genius science fiction author. His work is unparalleled, bringing his specialized expertise from his career as a scientist at the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Vadim Babenko makes the unbelievable real and genuine in an intriguing and thrilling work of fiction that no reader will be able to put down! Intellectuality is a key component of Vadim Babenko’s writing, cohesively balancing an entertaining storyline with a provocative underlying message, Semmant is thoughtfully crafted and yet still flows poetically. Vadim Babenko has effortlessly accomplished his lifelong dream of becoming a novelist, creating an immeasurable work of fiction that will live on through generations and is a book I will be sure to read again!

Semmant by Vadim Babenko is a phenomenal science fiction novel. From beginning to end we explore every facet of the human existence on Bogdan Bogdanov’s path to harmony over chaos in his pursuit for everlasting perfection! Semmant is not an easily put done novel, Vadim Babenko compels us, beloved readers, with an intelligently constructed narrative that leaves us few answers but fills us with a plethora of mind stimulating questions. Semmant by Vadim Babenko is an invigorating science fiction novel that should not be missed. I unequivocally and incontrovertibly award Vadim Babenko five stars for his brilliant work of science fiction, Semmant!

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