Rusty’s Spring Adventure, Vanessa Habermann

It’s first day of Spring and Rusty the adventurous dog is ready for fun. Join Rusty and meet his friends as they find exciting new adventures around every corner!

Rusty’s Spring Adventure is the joyous introduction of, young up and coming author, Vanessa Habermann’s new children’s series Rusty’s Adventures! Rusty’s Spring Adventure draws little inquisitive minds in with brightly colored pages, illustrations also done by the phenomenally talented Vanessa Habermann, as Rusty makes endless new discoveries and great friends along the way. Vanessa Habermann’s Rusty’s Spring Adventure is a positively fantastic children’s book, wholesome and engaging from the very beginning! Rusty’s tale will wag its way into the favorites of every little kids bookshelves.

Vanessa Habermann has crafted a treasure in children’s literature, creating a four-legged friend next door every child would love to have! Rusty’s Spring Adventure explores a day in spring filled with the wonder and surprises around all of us. The world of Rusty can be found in the hearts of little guys and gals everywhere! Vanessa Habermann’s Rusty’s Spring Adventure emanates the true dreams within children; befriending a beautiful bird on your way and that special someone you meet at the beach. Rusty’s Spring Adventure by Vanessa Habermann unlocks the endless possibilities that can only be found in the blossoming mind of a budding sprout!

Vanessa Habermann is a truly remarkable new author debuting a wondrous new children’s series brimming with enthusiasm, revealing a passion that is palpable to her readers. One of my favorite things about Rusty’s Adventures is its conception. Rusty was created for her own small children. Like any other child, they quickly grew enamored with not just the illustrations, but the story they depict. A story that has each babe dreaming of what the next day will hold for Rusty and all the new friends he will make! Vanessa Habermann has staked an irrefutable claim as a marvelous children’s author for sharing her wonderfully written and illustrated children’s book, Rusty’s Springtime Adventure!

Rusty’s Spring Adventure by Vanessa Habermann is a stunning ignition of creativity and imagination that will keep any child engaged and looking forward to all the adventures, big and small, that lay at our best pals paws! Rusty explores the world around him. Entertaining your child while becoming a helpful resource to emphasize good reading habits that become a fun game everyone enjoys. Rusty’s Spring Adventure, written and illustrated by the marvelous newfangled author Vanessa Habermann, is a delightful yarn for all youngsters alike! I unconditionally and wholeheartedly award Vanessa Habermann’s stellar children’s book, Rusty’s Spring Adventure, five stars!

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