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What starts off as a dare turns into a social experiment that becomes a way of life. A young couple creates a fun way to stay connected by disconnecting. Unplugging the phones and being present are the rules. This travel adventure quickly turns into a self-deprecating comedy about bad smartphone habits. Chance encounters and characters met on the road are intertwined throughout.

Is the smartphone addiction phenomenon driving you crazy? Are we relying too much on instant technology? There can be life without these devices, but where is this balance between the tech and physical worlds? Discover how reduction in technology can lead to your serendipitous adventure.

WARNING: Strange things might happen, like conversations and live interactions. You may even develop an insatiable desire for traveling unplugged.

Paper Maps, No Apps is a travel memoir with self-help themes that will take its readers on a moving, entertaining, and memorable journey across many American states. The author, Johnny Welsh, will share his journey of going (mostly) technology free on his travels with his girlfriend Kristy Smith, and it makes for an eye-opening journey that will entertain and captivate you from the very start! I have read many travel memoirs/guides, but none like Paper Maps, No Apps. This is because this book emphasizes the importance of going off the grid while traveling, and in our technological age, it is very difficult to find a book of this nature, and that is why I already have to recommend this incredible book! Paper Maps, No Apps has fast become a favorite travel memoir of mine thanks to the author’s story, inspiration, and humor laced throughout the book that kept me hooked and entertained. If you are a reader, however, who needs more convincing, then continue to read to learn about Paper Maps, No Apps!

Paper Maps, No Apps is written by Johnny Welsh, and wow what a stellar story he has written! In Paper Maps, No Apps, Johnny Welsh will take his readers on a 16 day trip on the road with his girlfriend Kristy Smith as they explore the less common parts of America, all while going off the grid and not using technology. Along the way, Johnny will take you from Colorado to Arizona, Nevada, California, and a few other places, and along the way, you will be captivated. As I briefly mentioned in my review, we live in a technological age, and it is tough to find a book that encourages not using technology while traveling, so I am thrilled to have found Paper Maps, No Apps, and for the poignant messages the authors laces throughout his book. Johnny Welsh shows us in his book that you can travel without technology, and I think a lot of us would be terrified at the thought! But Johnny Welsh shows us, readers, that you can do it, just like he and his girlfriend did and that you will have the most memorable, captivating trip ever.

All the while, Johnny Welsh takes you on his journey; he laces some poignant questions throughout his book, which will make you think about technology and whether we use it too much and whether it limits us. I personally loved this aspect to the book as it forced me to look at my own technology usage and well, brought me down to earth again, and to focus on the present and be unplugged just a bit more. That is why I would recommend this book to anyone. Those that are looking to read a travel memoir will adore the book, but also those that are looking to detox a bit more and read of the benefits of doing so. So do not miss out on the fantastic Paper Maps, No Apps!

Johnny Welsh is an exceptional author and an incredible person for writing his book and sharing his story with us, readers. Stories are meant to be shared, and Johnny’s story was, and I truly believe that it will help many readers realize the importance of detoxing, in our everyday life but also while traveling as it will enhance experiences and interactions. That is why I adore Johnny Welsh for writing his book as it will help others as he was brazen and honest with his literature and spoke to his readers as if they know him, it made for a personal reading experience like no other, and I am so happy to have read Paper Maps, No Apps.

Not only is Johnny Welsh incredible for writing his book and sharing his story, but he also is for the beautiful literature laced throughout his travel memoir. Travel memoirs, in my opinion, only work if the author in question is descriptive, honest, and is able to transport the reader effortlessly from place to place, and Johnny Welsh most certainly accomplished this with Paper Maps, No Apps. Johnny Welsh wrote his story perfectly, describing all the places he visited, so the reader felt as if they were there right beside him and his girlfriend on their travels, and it made for an incredible reading experience.

Overall, Paper Maps, No Apps is an incredible, captivating, and poignant travel memoir with meaningful messages and lessons laced throughout, and that is why I have to award Paper Maps, No Apps five stars! So be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers as well as check out Johnny Welsh’s other book Weedgalized in Colorado, you won’t regret it!

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