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They were unladylike rebels, three young women abandoning rolling pins for baseball bats to join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. They changed history and that changed them. After the league folds in 1954 Nola, Fran, and Evie meet by chance on a popcorn-scented summer day where it all began…Wrigley Field, Chicago. They team up once again to fight for a pivotal cause these dames can only win by uniting as one.

Inside these ball players lies a fierce beauty, an unconventional destiny beyond the kitchen. Foregoing the American dream of sparkling cars and pastel suburbia, together they face up to the reality of nuclear drills and civil rights. Their story is uncovered nearly forty years later when Jacks Demonte discovers a trail of clues tucked away in a vintage handbag. The extraordinary lives of these women intersect with Demonte’s as she falls deeper into a heroic past.

Nola Fran Evie is an exceptional book written by Britt Skrabanek and wow, what a stellar book! Nola Fran Evie for me was moving, captivating and addictive right from the start and I felt this from beginning to end. Nola Fran Evie was captivating to me from the start thanks to the premise of the story and the bewitching literature courtesy of the author, Britt Skrabanek who from the start hooked me with her fantastic story that was unlike anything I have read before. It is rare to find a novel which combines the themes this book does, and that is refreshing to me, I adored the multiple themes and taking a journey back through history, and that is why I already have to recommend this excellent book! However, if you need more convincing, then continue to read to learn more about this incredible book!

Nola Fran Evie is an exceptional novel that will take readers on a journey back to the 1940s and ’50s and will introduce the reader to three women, Nola, Fran, and Evie. The three women meet by chance on a summer day in Chicago at Wrigley Field, and when they do there, lives will be intertwined forever, and together they start a cause for change. Together they are determined for change, and they are willing to face and overcome adversity to get it which is something I adored reading about!

The reader will follow the three woman as they fight for change all while they also play for the women’s baseball league during and after the war. The reader will follow them in the past, but the reader will also be introduced to a character in the present who discovers the three woman after finding items belonging to them in a vintage purse. The reader will follow the past and the present timeline as they are flawlessly weaved together and this book lovers is the premise of the sensational Nola Fran Evie!

The premise of Nola Fran Evie is exceptional, original and unlike anything, I have read before. I loved the many themes and elements explored throughout the book, and all themes are explored by Skrabanek wonderfully, and she does this by lacing these interesting themes throughout the text flawlessly and weaving them with the story. The result of this makes Nola Fran Evie a highly addictive and fascinating read that is never once lackluster or predictable. Skrabanek really has accomplished the near impossible, Skrabanek has managed to write an entertaining, bewitching and flawless story that will perfectly unfold in readers minds like a movie which are the best kind of reads in my opinion! 

Britt Skrabanek is a phenomenal writer who knows how to grasp her reader’s attention from the first page. Skrabanek instead of writing long, drawn-out builds up which are commonly found in novels, decides to ditch this approach and thrust her reader into the heart of the story straight away so that the reader is instantly captivated and immersed and this is a quality I love in a novel!

Overall Nola Fran Evie is a thrilling, compelling and thought-provoking novel that will easily entertain readers for many days and nights and so I, of course, have to award this stellar gem of a book five stars! If you are a reader who loves historical fiction then I implore you to read Nola Fran Evie; it is a fast-paced, incredible novel that should not be missed so have a read of the preview below and get reading!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Nola Fran Evie. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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Roy McCarthy

Great interview Aimee. You’re right, Britt is a fab writer who deserves a wider audience.