Murder?, Christer Tholin

Christina’s idyllic existence with her husband Patrik comes to an abrupt end when Patrik suddenly vanishes from their suburban home in Stockholm. Christina is precipitated into a hellishly desperate and anguished search for Patrik – which after six weeks turns up nary a trace of him. 

At her wits end, she contacts local sleuths Lars and Elin, who, after a brief investigation, reach the conclusion that Patrik simply decided to abandon his cushy existence to embark on a new life –without Christina. 

Lars and Elin ultimately trace Patrik’s movements to the wooded wilds of northern Sweden, but too late – he’s found dead. The police rule his death an accident, but Christina thinks otherwise – and so she asks Lars and Elin to do a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding Patrik’s demise. Was his death really accidental, or was foul play involved? And was the mysterious Natalia somehow implicated? 

Unfortunately, none of the countless leads that Lars and Elin follow up gets them any closer to solving the mystery of Patrik’s death. But then they get a startling break that results in Christina having to make a tricky and extremely consequential decision that plunges our three protagonists into a life or death struggle. 

Christer Tholin’s Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel takes us on a suspenseful investigation that will raise the hair on the backs of any readers neck! Once I opened the pages, I was hooked line and sinker as I was drawn into the elaborate labyrinth of the third Stockholm Sleuth Series alongside Lars and Elin as they search to uncover the truth behind a suspicious death! Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel by, the phenomenally talented author, Christer Tholin is a sensational murder mystery novel filled with breathtaking and startling trails you will never see coming!

Christina’s life changes irrevocably when her husband Patrik goes missing. Vanished from their pleasant suburban home in Stockholm, Christina desperately searches for her husband. Her search yields woeful fruit when, after six weeks, she is still no closer to finding Patrik. Without answers, and fewer clues, Christina’s search seems hopeless. Only after heeding the advice of familiar friends, Christina contacts local investigative detectives Lars and Elin. Initially, Lars and Elin conclude that Patrik left of his own volition, choosing to lead a life without Christina.

Their investigation sequentially tracks Patrik’s movements to Northern Sweden. Arriving in the mostly untamed north to late, Patrik’s body is found, and his death ruled accidental. Lars and Elin conduct their own extensive investigation into Patrik’s death at the behest of Christina. After following a slew of dead-end leads, Patrik’s death is still shrouded in mystery. Seemingly no closer to solving the case, Lars and Elin get a break that forces Christina to make a risky decision. The consequences of Christina’s decision sends all three into a possibly fatal struggle. Was Patrik’s death actually murder?

Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel by Christer Tholin is a superb and masterfully crafted murder mystery novel. Lars and Elin bring a dynamic all their own as an investigative duo, unique and memorable on their own, yet together they breathe life into the already electrifying plot filled with twists and turns that kept me gasping on the edge of my seat! Christer Tholin effortlessly builds the tension as Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel unfolds leaving us, adventurous readers, staggering as unforeseen truths come to fruition. Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel by Christer Tholin is an enthralling and astonishing murder mystery novel that is every bit as entertaining as it is thrilling!

In a genre designed to captivate its audience through suspense and intrigue, Christer Tholin continues to raise the bar as well as our pulse as he draws us, beloved readers, into his intelligently designed mystery! Christer Tholin is exceptionally talented at keeping us on our toes as he unravels the plot with unexpected and flawless unpredictability. My heart was hammering in my chest as I turned each thrilling page, which stands as a monument to Christer Tholin and his unmatched talent as an author. I love how engaging his writing style is, quick-witted and compelling, Christer Tholin transports us into the world he has created with scrupulous attention to detail! Christer Tholin is an outstanding mystery author whose gripping work should not be missed!

Intricately lacing an airtight narrative with unforgettable characters, Christer Tholin has created a thrilling work of fiction that will fascinate any reader! Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel is an astounding mystery, exciting and alluring; I was enamored from the very beginning. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, submerged in the incredibly detailed world of Christer Tholins making, I had to know if Christina’s instincts were right. I needed to know if her husband truly was murdered, which created a tantalizing sense of urgency that I couldn’t get enough of! Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel by, unparalleled mystery author, Christer Tholin is an outstanding piece of literature fusing unrivaled characterization with an extraordinarily spine-tingling storyline. I emphatically and enthusiastically award Murder?: A Swedish Crime Novel by Christer Tholin five stars!

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