Misericorde, Cynthia A. Morgan

It’s the year 2446, and the first three Horsemen of Revelation’s Apocalypse have ridden.

Pestilence, War and Famine have changed the world into a dictatorship ruled with an iron fist. Commoners have few rights, and liberty is a distant memory.

But before the final Horseman is released, the Archangel of Mercy – Tzadkiel – makes a bold plea, asking for permission to find even one human who remembers the meaning of mercy and compassion. He is given 100 years, until Death will sweep across the land.

And so, he must ride. Taking human form and coming to Earth, he finds a place ruled by greed, hatred and fear. With time running out and Death growing impatient, can Tzadkiel find what he’s looking for… and how much will he need to sacrifice?

Misericorde is a sensational dystopian and fantasy novel that will take its readers on a fast-paced, thrilling, and captivating journey that is guaranteed to keep readers hooked for many hours! Misericorde is a novel that will captivate and intrigue you from the very start; the fast-paced narrative combined with twists and turns will have you turning the pages with haste. That is why I already have to recommend this novel to you lovely readers but if you need more convincing, then continue to read to learn more about the incredible Misericorde!

Misericorde is a thrilling, poignant, and captivating fantasy/dystopian novel that will take its readers on a journey like no other. The reader in Misericorde will be taken into the future to the year 2446 and will learn that the first three horsemen of the apocalypse have ridden. These three horsemen have ravaged the world already and turned it into a series of dictatorships that strips humanity of rights. However, hope may be on its way as before the fourth horsemen is released, the Archangel of Mercy known as Tzadkiel, makes a plea to find a human ‘who remembers the meaning of mercy and compassion’ and this is where or story begins book lovers.

Tzadkiel takes human form and embarks on a journey on Earth to find one human of this nature, he has 100 years to do so before Death embarks on its path of destruction and what happens along the way is shocking, thrilling, and above all, incredibly entertaining! And this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Misericorde!

The story laced between the pages of Misericorde is thrilling, and unlike anything, I have read before. The story is an intriguing one because from the beginning there is a lot of mystery surrounding the story, the reader does not know what is about to happen, and so it captivates them to read with haste and that is certainly what happened with me when I read the wonderful Misericorde! I was desperate for answers and wanted to know what would happen to humanity and it made for an incredible and memorable read.

Misericorde is an incredible novel thanks to the story and all of its thrilling moments that will keep readers on edge from start to finish. The story that unfolds is gripping and is an all-consuming work of excellence. Because of this, I struggled to put the book down. I found myself compelled to read until there was nothing left to read and this is thanks to the thrilling, but also terrifying story courtesy of the author Cynthia A. Morgan!

Cynthia A. Morgan is an incredible writer who has managed to write an incredible novel that is full of suspense and mystery. This will keep readers of Misericorde turning the pages into the early hours of the morning. Morgan is a writer who does not hold back; she thrusts her reader into the thick of the drama very early on, and she keeps them turning the pages thanks to her excellent descriptive powers. The author perfectly describes the scenes in her book, as well as her characters, and this correctly places the reader in the thick of the story as the reader can imagine every place and event perfectly!

To summarize my thoughts on the thrilling novel that is Misericorde, I would say if you are a reader who is tired of reading the same old dystopian and fantasy books that are lackluster and forgettable, then take a chance on this excellent read, because I promise that you will not be disappointed!

It is a novel that has everything the reader would want in a story, and so much more. It has spine-tingling good content, dynamic, memorable characters; all coming from a charismatic author that writes flawlessly and wonderfully. It is an all-around, interesting, and memorable book that you will not be disappointed in if you choose to turn the pages. My rating for this astonishing book, of course, has to be five stars! So please do have a read of this book and keep an eye out for my review of book two in this wonderful series!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. 

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Below I have attached some links about the author and this wonderful book so if you would like to learn more about the author and the book then please have a browse. Thank you so much again for reading book lovers!

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