Legacy of Strangers, David Burke-Kennedy

Four strangers’ lives change dramatically when they choose or are forced to leave their homelands for the promise of a better life. But the reality of their new world is harshly different. Their lives become entrapped in a whirlwind of violence, crime and prostitution, illicit romance and betrayal, with disastrous and fatal outcomes. You might think it’s all fiction – but this engrossing drama is based on true-life events …and builds to a surprising outcome.

Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy is a gripping work of historical fiction that captured all of my attention right away! I was enthralled by the captivating attention to detail that brings the characters as well as the story to life in mesmerizing fashion! Legacy of Strangers by, the phenomenally talented author, David Burke-Kennedy effortlessly weaves the tale of immigrants hailing from different shores for very different reasons, but all share the hope for a better future. Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy has an air-tight intricately and intelligently constructed narrative that will thrill any reader!

Four strangers lives coalesce in New Zealand after arriving with the hopes of a better future in the land of promise. Yet things rarely work out the way we intend them to; reality quickly sets in that life in the new land is far different than any could have ever imagined.  Their lives begin to spiral into violence, crime, prostitution, betrayal, and illicit romance with deadly consequences. Four immigrants try to survive the harsh life of Victorian-Era New Zealand and carve out a new life that will become anything but what they ever imagined.

Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy is an exceptional historical fiction novel that I profoundly enjoyed losing myself in! David Burke-Kennedy transports us, adventurous readers, back in time to the Victorian-Era on the journey of four immigrants from England, Ireland, and Australia all with a unique and engaging story that I will never forget.

Legacy of Strangers is a remarkably detailed novel that I found riveting; when Lydia and Ruth began their journey during a cold winter in January with 30 other women, I couldn’t help imagine the fear of the unknown these women must have felt, yet the excitement of the dream of a better life. The range of emotion I related to in Legacy of Strangers is something I truly felt to be unique, I could feel Ruth’s turmoil as she turned to the bottle and self-doubt after the return of her husband’s former love.

David Burke-Kennedy is an unmatched historical fiction author, he grips us, fervent readers, immediately and sends us on a whirlwind journey that I couldn’t help but fall in-love with immensely! He eloquently weaves together an elaborate narrative that will thrill any reader. David Burke-Kennedy has an engaging quick-witted writing style that drew me in and tethered me to the past in astonishing detail! I was engrossed in each character vividly portrayed in astonishing detail; I genuinely needed to know what would become of them all. David Burke-Kennedy doesn’t disappoint, through the drama, coincidence,  and the irony he has created a flawless storyline which stands as a testament to what a phenomenally talented author he is who should not be missed!

Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy is a masterfully crafted piece of historical fiction that takes us on an unforgettable journey with twists and turns around every corner! I was enamored by how tightly woven the narrative is, always coming back full circle but in the most unpredictable of ways. Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy interlaces a shocking narrative with sensational characters that is as engaging as it is thrilling! Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy is a beautifully written work of historical fiction I couldn’t help but fall in love with, from the awe-inspiring characterization to the hypnotic details I was transported by to the Victorian-era. Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy is a masterpiece of historical fiction I enthusiastically and unambiguously award five stars! Legacy of Strangers by David Burke-Kennedy interlaces a shocking narrative with sensational characters that is as engaging as it is thrilling!

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