King Here: Never Too Old, Too Rich or Too Anything to Meet Jesus, Trish Porter Topmiller

King Here is the eye-opening true story of God’s unfolding plan to bring a rich man through the “eye of the needle”.

Trusting God and sharing Jesus with aging parents can be difficult. As Trish Porter Topmiller watched her father’s casket be lowered into the ground, she knew the complicated jigsaw puzzle of his life finally held the missing piece—Jesus. But for years, his life seemed as far away from grace, and a believing faith in God, as a person can be. A multimillionaire entrepreneur who believed his financial fortress (and business acumen) was invincible, he turned into a workaholic adrenaline junkie—and ultimate opioid statistic who had given up on life. Even then, grace found him.

King Here offers hope that no matter how old, how rich or how addicted someone is, it’s never too late to meet Jesus. Trish shares her father’s inspiring, yet tragic life story—filled with adventure and color and unique escapades—to reveal God’s plan for an old rich man who thought he had no need for God. Stepping back to see the big picture brings to light the hope and joy that God truly can answer prayers and do the impossible, but it doesn’t always look the way readers expect. In this moving tribute to her father, Trish encourages readers to never give up on loved ones who seem “too far gone” for God to reach.

King Here: Never Too Old, Too Rich or Too Anything to Meet Jesus is a sensational, poignant, and moving biography combined with Christian themes that are rolled into one incredible and memorable book! The reader in King Here will be taken on a thought-provoking and captivating journey by the author Trish Porter Topmiller from start to finish, which in turn will keep readers hooked and turning the pages with haste! What the reader will encounter along the way in this fantastic book is sensational and has a real ability to change readers’ perspectives on Jesus and how it is never too late to find Jesus. That is why I already recommend this wonderful book! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about King Here! 

King Here is an incredible biography and Christianity book all rolled into one that will take its readers on a moving and life-changing journey. The reader in King Here will meet the author Trish Porter Topmiller and her father who is the star of this book. In King Here, Trish poignantly tells her father’s story and how he eventually found Jesus and shows us, readers, that no matter the circumstances, it is never too late to meet Jesus just like Trish’s father did despite him being an addict, workaholic and a millionaire and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible King Here! 

King Here for me was a profound book as it is part biography/awakening story of Trish’s father written by his daughter, and I felt that this was incredibly unique. It is unique because I do not think I have ever read a book that has an element like this, so it is safe to say I was in awe while reading the incredible King Here! As the reader gets lost in King Here, they will feel a host of emotions as Trish Porter Topmiller shares all in her book while also taking us on an enlightening journey that will ultimately bring us closer to Jesus. 

As a reader, I found myself racing through King Here, which is rare for me to do with a biography or Christianity related book! Do not get me wrong; I adore this genre; it is one of my favorites, after all! But sometimes they can take a while to get through but not with King Here. I raced through this book and was incredibly entertained from start to finish as the author had a way of charming me, and put me under her spell as she poignantly and honestly shares her father’s story and it made for a sensational read.

Overall, King Here is a sensational book that will inform, entertain, and charm you all at once. So if you are a reader looking to read a fascinating biography with Christian and moving themes then the incredible King Here is for you! That is why I, of course, have to award this book King Here five stars! So be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

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