Khon’Tor’s Wrath, Leigh Roberts

If she had known the consequences, would she have made the same choice?

Things were never easy between them – the beautiful young Healer and the powerful virile Leader of their secluded underground community. He demanded unwavering obedience and ruled with a clenched fist. She wanted only to fulfill her calling – to live a life of caring for the weak, sick, and helpless.

Perhaps if she had known, the secret he harbored about her, she might have understood the difficulty of their relationship.

Little did she know everything would change, the morning she set out to deliver a gift of Goldenseal to a neighboring tribe. The river waters were up, and she had to take a different route. That was not her choice, but what happened next, was, on this pleasant journey down an unfamiliar path.

A choice that ended up changing everything. A choice she made, knowing she was breaking sacred law.

She was prepared for him to be angry.

She was prepared for him to punish her.

But she was not prepared for Khon’Tor’s Wrath.

Khon’Tor’s Wrath is one of the most entertaining, poignant and compelling novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Never before have I discovered a fantasy novel as incredible as Khon’Tor’s Wrath and throughout my review I will explain why this is. The story of Khon’Tor’s Wrath is quite simply gold and will shine, and dazzle as you read it as it is a pure joy to read. I am describing the book currently as a dazzling book but be aware book lovers that this book is full of poignancy and heart-pounding moments also so if you read this excellent be prepared for a healthy dose of both of these features as Khon’Tor’s Wrath combines the two perfectly!

Khon’Tor’s Wrath is an emotionally charged fantasy novel that will follow the protagonist of the novel, Adia, also known as, the People’s Healer. The reader will also be introduced to Khon’Tor, Leader of the Sasquatch who leads with stern beliefs and you definitely do not want to get on the wrong side of him! However, Adia does just that when she rescues a baby, an outsider, who she wants to raise as her own in the community of Kthama. However, Khon’Tor hates the child and tries everything in his power to torment Adia and this book lovers is the short premise of the thrilling Khon’Tor’s Wrath!

The story of Khon’Tor’s Wrath is one that charmed me from the very start, and this is because the protagonist of the tale, Adia is so likable. I always love connecting with the lead of the story straight away because it makes the read more blissful and easy to read. Straight away readers will find themselves liking Adia, and this is because she is ordinary and feels extremely real.

Leigh Roberts is a phenomenal writer who knows how to write an entertaining story. Robert’s words are instantly charming and endearing and will compel you to turn the pages at an alarming rate thanks to the phenomenal characterization of Adia and the fast-paced story which is impeccably developed. I adore how straight away the reader is thrust into the journey of the book; there is little build-up, and I adore this quality in any book because the reader wants to be taken on a captivating journey fast. Roberts most certainly ensures that her readers read without hesitation from the start to the end and that they are taken on the journey quickly, and this made for exhilarating reading.

To conclude, Khon’Tor’s Wrath is an inspiring, thrilling and poignant novel that will charm its readers with its profound messages as well as delight readers with the enjoyable story I, of course, have to award this stellar read five stars! So please, read this incredible book and get lost in a fantastical story, you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below! 

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