Jordan’s Penny, Stefanie Stratton

Jordan Stephens, the embodiment of perfection, was convinced early on that he deserves the best. From his dashing sex appeal to a successful career, he surrounds himself with the luxury, wearing tailor-made suits, flaunting his expensive Benz, and bedding women equally gorgeous. One thing remains off-limits—commitment. He can’t even commit to an assistant, cycling through one attractive, unqualified assistant after the next. Their beauty is all that matters… until their job performance makes him look bad.

Penelope Matthews, Jordan’s replacement assistant, is nothing like her predecessors. Forced to wear unfashionable clothing and hide behind makeup, Jordan’s looks won’t distract this full-figured woman. She knows her lane and stays in it. Experienced with demanding men, she’ll wow him with color-coded spreadsheets, and an exceptional work ethic. And wait until he tries her tea. As long as she stays under the radar, impervious to her boss, she’ll emerge unscathed.

After surviving her tumultuous probationary period, the pair forms an undeniable connection that flips their worlds upside-down. With secrets lingering between them, they must decide which path to take: the one they’ve been traveling, or the road that leads to each other.

Jordan’s Penny is a sensational novel written by the equally superb author Stefanie Stratton and is a book that is the definition of a perfect romance read that shouldn’t be missed! I admit that I was hooked on this book before I even started to read it; the description of the book managed to intrigue me straight away and ever since reading it I knew I had to get lost in the story of Jordan’s Penny. Jordan’s Penny is an incredible novel that charmed, shocked, and thrilled me with its multiple themes and plot avenues and already I would implore you lovely readers to have a read of this book!

Jordan’s Penny is a passionate romance novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the book, Jordan Stephens. Jordan is a bachelor, successful, and used to living the high life and not committing. Jordan loves beautiful things and beautiful people and so has worked his way through many assistants. So when he meets Penelope Matthews, his replacement assistant, he is taken aback by how different from the others she is. Penelope won’t be wooed by Jordan and his ways and wants to keep to herself, but soon an undeniable spark arises and it can’t be ignored and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Jordan’s Penny!

The story of Jordan’s Penny is a profoundly entertaining one with many profound but also passionate themes laced throughout the book. Many romance novels can be cliché and predictable but Jordan’s Penny is definitely not this! As Jordan’s Penny is a captivating, unique novel full of powerful themes which are all excellently explored and weaved well together by the phenomenal author Stefanie Stratton who is an incredibly well-accomplished author.

Stefanie Stratton is an incredible author who has managed to transfix and entertain me with her beautiful literature. I am impressed by the amount of depth Stratton has managed to lace throughout her book; Stratton ensures throughout her book that her readers are entertained and thrilled from beginning to end, and Stratton does this by weaving twists and turns throughout her book which yes, are incredibly entertaining! As well as this, Stratton flawlessly weaves brilliant characterization and development of her characters that will keep the readers turning the pages from beginning to end.

Overall Jordan’s Penny is an extraordinary piece of romantic fiction that will entertain and thrill readers from beginning to end so I, of course, have to award the book five stars! It would be criminal not to. So please book lovers, have a read of the excellent book and get lost in an engrossing, captivating story… you will not regret it!

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