Inventing Madness, J.G. Schwartz

Inventing Madness is a fictional account of Thomas Edison’s rise to fame and fortune through the use of murder and magic. It intertwines actual dates and events that occurred during Edison’s life. The story begins when Edison is 84 years old, in 1931, and is told in a series of seven interviews conducted by a science reporter from The New York Times.
Although the public was made to believe Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were bitter enemies, Inventing Madness unveils their true friendship and reveals the amazing invention that was created based on their collaboration. 
Inventing Madness is the story of one of the most famous men in history. It is full of cruel deaths, seances, poisonings, blackmail and trickery.
The book is a thought-provoking fictional account of Thomas Edison’s life – The Thomas Edison we never knew.

Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz is a haunting tale of the hidden depravities lighting the night and connecting the world like never before! I was horrified, my heart pounding through my chest, as Thomas Edison’s deeds come to life in J.G. Schwartz’s thrilling historical fiction novel Inventing Madness. From friendship to the ultimate betrayal, Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz is a sensational piece of literature. Inventing Madness is not for the weak of will, intended for adult readers who have prepared themselves for a tantalizing fright! Once you open the pages of Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz, you won’t be able to stop until illuminating every bone-chilling secret held within!

The New York Times science reporter William L. Lawrence has received the offer of a lifetime. Thomas Alva Edison has procured Lawrence’s services in writing his biography. Though like most grand things in life, there is a catch. Thomas Edison will only permit seven interviews for a few short hours a session. He also demands the biography must not enter publication until the year 2015. William L. Lawrence conducted his interviews with Edison in 1931. Thomas Edison’s rise to fame as one of the greatest scientific inventors in all of history was built on a foundation of murder and magic. His road takes him from seances to blackmail, trickery to poisoning, and cruelty beyond measure after the birth of Edison and Tesla’s collaboration. A collaboration only one would ever truly be credited for. Inventor and businessman to a nefarious cutthroat, this is the Thomas Edison we never knew, the one we never fully wanted to know.

Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz transcends beyond a historical fiction novel, blurring the lines between genres in an epic book that will terrify and entertain mature audiences! I was enlivened by the gory details prevalent throughout Inventing Madness, weaving together a vile and vivid tapestry of a prominent historical figure. Brilliant and spiraling into madness, J.G. Schwartz’s reprisal of Thomas Edison will make any reader gasp with trepidation as the monstrosity of Edison’s true nature comes into question! Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz is a riveting tale filling us, fervent readers, with terror and dread during the dawn of mankind’s race to light the world!

J.G. Schwartz is an unparalleled historical fiction author. She has an unprecedented talent in capturing the essence of the time and flawlessly bringing it back to life with vim and vigor, creating an experience that is unforgettable and irresistible! I find myself drawn to Schwartz’s work like a moth to the flame. Enticed by the intelligently designed narrative, I am instantly mesmerized by her undeniably hypnotic storytelling! J.G. Schwartz fills her readers with a plethora of emotions ranging from excitement to apprehension as she rewrites history without losing any sense of authenticity, which shows how truly remarkable she is as an author! J.G. Schwartz is an outstanding author whose work takes us, beloved readers, on the ride of a lifetime!

Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz spares no expense on the gritty details taking us, voracious readers, down a path laden with rape, incest, murder, and cruelty that will shock even the most seasoned reader, as it did me! I was drawn in from the very beginning, intrigued by the astonishing design and hair-raising plausibility of an eighty-four year held secret. Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz will irrevocably alter your perception of the men who made history and what lay in the wake of their success! Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz is a historical fiction novel unlike any other, gruesome and dramatic, this is a novel you can’t simply walk away from without consuming every spine-tingling word! I unconditionally and, admittedly, zealously award Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz five stars!

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