Innamorata, Contessa

In Italian, innamorata translates to being in love. Who would dispute love being the most controversial, rewarding, gut wrenching, fulfilling, powerful emotion on the planet? Love has been described as a two way street that’s constantly under construction. A constant battle of head versus heart, my needs over yours, and more exercises in flexibility than hot yoga can teach. Let’s face it, love and relationships are among the hardest things we deal with. No matter how or why we fall in love, we hope to be encouraged, inspired, stimulated and positively influenced. If the relationship works out, great. But if it goes south, does that necessarily mean it was a failure? When love goes wrong, can we view it as a positive thing, a tool to put us on a forward, constructive path?

Innamorata highlights valuable life lessons learned by a limited, unworldly but determined young girl, as we follow her journey to a more enriched life. We share her relationships and how they propelled her to keep going forward, as well as channeling their outcomes to a progressive road of personal and professional success. The consummate example of turning the bitterness of hardships in life into the sweetness of realizing your dreams, Innamorata is a story of emotional struggle, heartbreak, empowerment, independence, relentless perseverance, being true to and believing in oneself, embracing hardships and finding lessons in life in the least expected places.

Innamorata is an incredible autobiography written by the phenomenal author Contessa and wow what an incredible book! In Innamorata the reader will be taken on a journey through Contessa’s life but more specifically, her love life! As Innamorata is a book all about love and relationships and Contessa shares her experiences of love and relationships throughout Innamorata. When the reader reads Innamorata, they will be taken on a journey of ups and downs through Contessa’s life and her many experiences! Contessa will take us from dating while in school to dating while being a single parent and the result is an honest, poignant, and captivating tale that all readers will be able to fall in love with! That is why I already recommend this book and why no reader should miss out as it is truly brilliant!

Innamorata is a poignant, moving, and inspirational memoir that will take readers on a thought-provoking journey of love while entertaining them at the same time! Innamorata is written by author Contessa and Contessa throughout Innamorata will take her readers on the journey of her life and through her ups and downs in love and brazenly shares what she went through and experienced with us readers, and it makes for an insightful, fascinating book that should not be missed!

The profoundness in Innamorata is sensational, and many readers will feel a host of different emotions while reading this book. Contessa effortlessly inspires thoughts and feelings in her readers as well as compel them to read from beginning to end. I found myself reading Innamorata at an alarming rate because it was captivating as well as engrossing; Contessa’s incredible literature will have you turning the pages frantically, and I adored how she was able to do this!

As well as this Contessa has written her story in an incredibly compelling and honest way; her beautifully descriptive writing will make the reader feel as if you are right there alongside her, this is how I felt, and because I did, I felt as if I was with Contessa on her journeys and that for me was incredibly enjoyable!

Contessa is a remarkable person for two reasons; the first is because she is honest and brave to write her story, and the second is because she is an exceptionally talented author. Contessa’s excellent writing is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout so that the reader will feel compelled to read non-stop. The life lessons learned from Contessa in Innamorata will help readers better navigate through their own love life and relationships, and that is so beautiful to me because it is rare to come across a memoir that will not only entertain but also help readers!

Overall Innamorata is an insightful, informative, inspiring book and I would say if you are a reader who is interested in the topics explored in Innamorata, then this book is for you, and so Innamorata gets five stars from me!

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