Golden Shana: The Untouchable, A P von K’Ory

Roman doesn’t even want a harem. But the harem relentlessly seeks him. No sooner has Shana left Roman than Grieg/Phoenix is marking time on Roman’s door, out for a war, not a fight, over Shana. And so is Marie, whose pregnancy Roman still keeps a secret.

Roman: I loved owning women. Then I found my woman. But she would never be owned, not even by the gods. She left me. Still, her dangerous admirer and I began wars over her, not merely street fisticuffs.

Shana: Roman scares me in every way and the fear excites me. I’m brainless in his arms, brainless just from thinking about him. He makes me navigate so many labyrinthine passages and secret doors that I’d never even been aware of before. My body knelt and wept for him. My common sense made me flee from him while I could.

Marie: I sold Roman my heart and soul. Only to realise my body had not been consulted, and was therefore out for war.

Alyssa: I really got all that about Roman. The super-ink indelibility of him, the substance of him that stamped his four-figure-euro Ferragamo Oxfords, the supernatural charisma that rocketed him all the way up there with Lucifer. His square would never fit my round. But hope springs eternal, right?

Grieg: “If I have whoever your girl is, why don’t you just come over and take me off her or her off me?” Roman reacted like a man who didn’t care about that damning message. Over the phone, he’d sounded as if he didn’t have a single feather ruffled. Time to start the war.

Golden Shana: The Untouchable is an exceptional novel written by a talented author called A P von K’Ory and is another wonderful book by her that kept me hooked from start to finish! In Golden Shana: The Untouchable, the reader will feel captivated and entertained from start to finish, thanks to the incredibly unique premise, the romance and excitement that unfolds and of course the wonderful literature courtesy of A P von K’Ory! It is rare to find erotica novels these days that stand out and are unique and even harder to find one that weaves the themes this one does! That is why I am already recommending you lovely readers pick up a copy of Golden Shana: The Untouchable as you won’t regret it and it deserves to be in your library!

Golden Shana: The Untouchable is book three in the Golden Shana series written by A P von K’Ory and is another phenomenal book in this series! As this is the third book in the series I do not want to spoil what happens, but here is a snippet from my review of the first book which better explains the start to this wonderful series!

“Golden Shana: The Chase is a passionate romance novel that will introduce the reader to the five core characters who on one night in Milan at an opera life, all become entwined. All five of the core characters featured in Golden Shana: The Chase, are weaved by Roman in some way. Roman never chases women, after all, he does not have to! However, when he sees Shana at the opera house, he knew that he would do anything for her, including chase her.”

Golden Shana: The Untouchable for me was a guilty pleasure, I adore books like this one and this book for me is a book that is pure enjoyment and I loved to get lost in its story. I believe Golden Shana: The Untouchable will be perfect for all readers, even those that typically do not read erotica as it stands out amongst the crowded book market as well as captivate you as well as push the boundaries; which are all things I look for in a book! This, combined with all the shocking but brilliant other themes had me on the edge of my seat and excitement and left wanting more! And this is, of course, all thanks to the author A P von K’Ory whose work I have grown to love!

A P von K’Ory is an incredible author, there is no doubt about it. What I adore so much about A P von K’Ory’s literature is that her work is never once generic or cliché, instead all of her stories are incredibly unique and awe-worthy. It takes a lot for an author to push the boundaries of the norm in literature, especially erotic literature, so I do admire A P von K’Ory for pushing these boundaries and coming out on top! And so A P von K’Ory truly does deserve endless praise!

To conclude my thoughts, Golden Shana: The Untouchable is an incredible book, written by an author who everybody should keep an eye out for! And so I have no choice but to award this book five stars! So be sure to have a look at A P von K’Ory’s other books as well as this book as you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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