Flamma, Bruce Mitchell

The Circus Maximus, Rome, AD54. Veteran gladiator Flamma has a trident at his neck, but his Nubian opponent disobeys Emperor Nero’s command, and spares his life. That night Flamma returns the favour and cuts the Nubian down from the cross.
Everyone knows you don’t mess with Nero. The gladiators must escape Italy while they’re still in one piece. The duo becomes a trio when Dimitra, runaway Spartan slave and woman-warrior, joins them on an epic journey across the known world.
Each is haunted by the past. Dimitra battles the tyranny of nobles. The Nubian seeks to regain a kingdom. Flamma has sworn to kill the man who stole his life. Can they defeat an empire, or will Rome grind them to dust?
Flamma is a rollicking tale of adventure, love and danger from ancient Rome to the mountains of Thrace, across the Mediterranean to the deserts of North Africa. It’s a story of women and men who lived and died as heroes, when the world was young and dangerous.

Flamma is a tale set in the first century that kept me engrossed from the first page. It’s artful combination of poignant moments and thrilling action will entertain the reader and leave a lasting impact. I recommend this novel to all fans of historical fiction.

The story is a multi-layered, with many plot avenues perfectly woven together. From the opening paragraph the reader meets the protagonist of the tale, Flamma. A veteran gladiator, he is to battle The Nubian in The Circus Maximus. Inexplicably, The Nubian disobeys Emperor Nero’s command to kill Flamma. Later that evening, Flamma returns the mercy shown him, and cuts The Nubian down from the cross. However, in doing so, they have both become fugitives with a price on their head.

The two gladiators must escape Italy and find a new life for themselves. Dimitra, a woman warrior and runaway, will join them on their journey across unfamiliar lands. What follows is an epic and unforgettable tale in which each character has a dream to pursue and escape the Roman empire with their lives intact.

The story is excellent, and well-developed. I was impressed by Mitchell’s ability to describe his world with vivid detail. Every event, character, and setting are well thought out and planned. The text is beautifully written, immersing the reader from beginning to end. The plot unfolds with twists and turns in a brisk writing style, imaginative descriptions, and flawless character integration.

I’m pleased to award Flamma five stars. Once you pick up this book, you won’t be able to put it down…I know I couldn’t!

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