Family Legends, Family Lies, Wendy Whitaker Hoke

“That’s child abuse!”

When the author heard those words on a plateau in the Himalayas, her life changed forever. She learned that she could speak truth about the abuse she endured as a young child.

Wendy’s grandfather, Konrad Frederick Koosmann, was a Bishop in the American Lutheran Church. He was also a pedophile who preyed on little girls in his own family, including Wendy.

This story addresses the family dynamics that allow child sexual abuse to occur unchecked and remain secret for decades. As an adult, Wendy chose the path to speak the truth despite many roadblocks put in her way to stop her. Rather than dwelling on the abuse itself, Family Legends, Family Lies describes the power of secrets, shame, and silence.

This is a “must read” for professionals who work with abused children and their families. It is a “must read” for anyone who wants deeper insight into dysfunctional families. This cautionary tale reveals the lies and legends that prevent children from being heard. In addition, the story conveys the lasting impact that child sexual abuse has on adults who were betrayed by the very family members who were supposed to protect them.

Family Legends, Family Lies is a poignant, moving, and inspirational book that will take readers on a thought-provoking journey while moving them at the same time. Family Legends, Family Lies is written by author Wendy Whitaker Hoke and Wendy throughout Family Legends, Family Lies will take her readers through the journey of her life and what happened along the way and what she thus learned. The journey the reader will encounter is at times heartbreaking because of what Wendy went through, but the book is also an uplifting, inspirational one that will help many readers in many ways. If you are a reader who is looking to read a personal book that is unlike anything you have read before and a book, that is the perfect combination of inspiration, heart, and poignancy, then Family Legends, Family Lies is the book for you and should not be missed.

Family Legends, Family Lies is a moving book written by Wendy Whitaker Hoke and will take its readers on a transfixing journey. In Family Legends, Family Lies, the author Wendy Whitaker Hoke will share her story of how she learned that what she experienced as a child was abuse, and how she dealt with it. As well as this Wendy shares family dynamics and how the child abuse happened and remained a secret which in turn is a valuable lesson for all families to know about. Family Legends, Family Lies is an important and poignant book and it should not be missed book lovers!

Family Legends, Family Lies is a poignant, moving, and compelling piece of nonfiction that will help, inspire and captivate its readers from the very start until the very end. Family Legends, Family Lies is an influential, powerful book and I believe Family Legends, Family Lies will be the perfect read for those that have had similar experiences to Wendy or those that are struggling as Wendy shows you there is always hope at the end of the tunnel and that is a really important message.

Wendy Whitaker Hoke is a remarkable person for two reasons; the first is because she is honest and brave to write this book and the second is because she is an exceptionally talented author. Hoke’s impeccable writing is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout so that the reader will feel compelled to read non-stop.

Overall Family Legends, Family Lies is an insightful, informative, inspiring book and I would say if you are a reader who is interested in the topics explored and coming out the other side, then this book is for you, and so Family Legends, Family Lies gets five stars from me! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

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