Falling Is Not An Option, George Locker

Falling Is Not an Option: A Way to Lifelong Balance begins with an illuminating discussion about the nature of balance: its inherent beauty, its elusive source, its necessity, and its common loss late in life. The author details the importance of the postural muscles (those that involuntarily control balance and stability) and provides numerous examples of weight-bearing sports that require and enhance balance.

The second part of the book presents 15 postures and exercises derived from T’ai Chi, which are described in words and illustrated with 122 sequential photos of the author. These exercises activate and strengthen the postural or balance muscles, and develop the ability to create downward force to increase stability.

The postures and exercises – which do not have to be memorized and can be done at home – emphasize simple positions and small movements that are appropriate for those who have mobile impairments, including several exercises that acknowledge the common elderly struggle to sit down and stand up.

The book ends with a glossary of terms that clearly explain highlighted terms in the text that might be unfamiliar to the reader.

While Postural Retraining exercises were conceived for those who have lost stability and seek to regain it safely and incrementally, mid-lifers and athletes will equally benefit.

Falling Is Not an Option is presented in a clear, straight-forward style that is well-suited to the subject and audience.The author, who has studied T’ai Chi for 40 years, writes with authority and from experience. The section in which he discusses what balance is not, is particularly noteworthy.

Falling Is Not an Option is an original, provocative, and groundbreaking work. It promises to be a useful and adaptable reference and guide for health professionals and for anyone in need of an effective physical therapy to improve balance and stability (which is just about everyone).

Falling Is Not An Option is an incredible, informative, and life-changing healthy living guide that will be perfect for those who are looking to live healthier lives! When I found Falling Is Not An Option, I knew I had to read it because I adore books of this nature that provide great insight and advice and the description of Falling Is Not An Option made it sound like it would be the perfect read for me as well as many people I know!

Now that I have finished Falling Is Not An Option, I can say that this book exceeded my expectations and this book has a real ability to help readers lead healthier lives and feel better physically! That is why I would recommend this book already, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about the wonderful Falling Is Not An Option!

Falling Is Not An Option: A Way to Lifelong Balance is a sensational and impressive guide written by an incredible and talented man who has written a positive, incredible book all about balance and specifically postural retraining exercises that have a real ability to change and enhance your life.

In Falling Is Not An Option, George Locker the author of Falling Is Not An Option, shares his 40 years of experience in T’ai Chi and compiles this knowledge, as well as his experience into this fantastic book that will help you to enhance your balance and live a healthier life because of it.

George Locker shares with us the importance of balance and specifically postural muscles, which is something many of us would have never thought about. George Locker right away opens his reader’s eyes to the importance of this and then goes further to include many postures and exercises derived from T’ai Chi that can enhance your balance and thus your quality of life.

All of this as well as more fascinating information is laced throughout this book, in an easy-to-read and informative way, full of illustrations and photos to help you along the way. The exercises are practical, can be done in the comfort of your own home, and can help you no matter your age or mobility. It really is a wonderful book that has a real ability to help you no matter your circumstances!

Falling Is Not An Option is an excellent book and the author has done an incredible job of lacing his wisdom throughout. In my opinion, Falling Is Not An Option is a profound book that stands out amongst its genre and will help readers and spark a change in their lives. George Locker accomplishes this with ease in his book as from beginning to end, he captivates his readers and keeps them hooked with his wonderful advice but also sensational literature that is full of passion!

Throughout Falling Is Not An Option, there are many topics explored however the author George Locker does a fantastic job of organizing his book wonderfully so that it is never too much or too confusing. Instead, George Locker will perfectly guide you, being a helpful hand along the way and that is something I really loved about Falling Is Not An Option!

Overall Falling Is Not An Option is an insightful, informative, inspiring book and I would say if you are a reader who is interested in the topics explored in this book, then the remarkable Falling Is Not An Option is for you! Falling Is Not An Option gets five stars from me! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you won’t regret it!

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