Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom, Jossef Salman

The One Source of Truth nourishes the seeds of wisdom to sprout in each generation to remove the accumulated dust from the pyramid of totalitarian wisdom. The ancient wisdom of the archaic patriarch Thoth, Enoch, or Hermes, who founded civilization in ancient Egypt and left us the true philosophy of existence and creation.

Today we need this truth more urgently than ever because we are dealing with the dust of stupidity accumulated by manipulative religious doctrines on the one hand and by contradictory scientific presentations on the other. Since the beginning of human history, people’s consciousness has always searched for the truth of existence. Existentialism has always confused minds, not only because we are searching for the truth, but because existentialism defines who we are and what is the meaning of our existence.

Science tends to believe that we are just a mistake in a chain of time and space, expanding in the void, created out of nothing for no purpose. Religion manipulates existence to serve the priests in power by twisting the teachings to be man-made instead of divine words from the Lord of existence.

In this book, we will only try to explain why God is real by defining existence through the ancient wisdom from Thoth, Alqman, Enoch, Hermes to Mosses, Jesus, and Mohammed.

Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is an outstanding, useful, and informative guide that will help readers learn more about Egyptian history and God and explore the truth of both things. The topics laced throughout the book, combined with the exceptional literature courtesy of the author Jossef Salman are incredible and will have readers engrossed as well as captivated until the end. Readers won’t be able to help but be charmed because the literature is so transfixing as well as breathtaking! If you are looking to explore the topics explored throughout the book and want to better your understanding of Egyptian history and God as well as much more, then Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is the perfect book for you!

Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is an incredible book that I was so happy to have discovered. Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is a book that explores religion and takes us back on a journey through history, with a focus on Egyptian history. The premise of the book is to explore ancient wisdom and use this to explain why God is real and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom!

Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is a sensational book that is in no way fiction and has a lot of facts and eye-opening moments laced throughout the book, and this is all thanks to the incredible author. Throughout the book, the reader will learn more and it makes for an astonishing read that should not be missed! Jossef Salman is not only a knowledgeable writer who has invested a great deal of time into perfectly compiling all of his knowledge into this book, but he is also an exceptional writer. The words courtesy of Salman are quite simply phenomenal, and they flow beautifully from one page to the next in the briskest of ways.

The literature laced throughout Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is incredible as well as useful and has a great ability to help those understand more about the Egyptian history and God and help those who are looking to gain more understanding and even connect more to religion. Jossef Salman is a fantastic man for many reasons, but the two core readers are because he has written his book in such a way that is accessible to all readers from all backgrounds and lifestyles and he is also fantastic thanks to his awe-inspiring literature. The literature courtesy of Salman is honest, breathtaking, and candid, and the result of this is captivating and makes Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom a book that should not be missed.

What I love the most about Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is Salman’s obvious passion and dedication to sharing his wisdom and insight with readers all over the world. As I read the book, I did so with a smile and a pure feeling of delight because I sensed the joy in Salman’s words and how he is trying to make the world and people’s lives better with his literature, and that is an incredible and poignant factor about the book.

Overall Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom is a stellar read that can enrich, benefit, and change many people’s lives thanks to the knowledge found throughout Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom! So I, of course, have to award this dazzling book five stars! If you are a reader who is looking to explore such topics, then I would recommend this gem of a book… you won’t regret it!

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