Born of Earth, A.L. Knorr

Georjie’s summer is shaping up to be a big disappointment. Trapped in Ireland with her aunt’s gorgeous but cold adopted son Jasher, her “vacation” gets worse with each passing day. But when a trip to the greenhouse reveals glowing cocoons she shouldn’t be able to see, she embarks on a quest to solve a magical mystery…

In the pages of an ancient diary, Georjie learns a dark family history and an incredible earthly power. But as she digs deeper and realizes she isn’t the only one with a touch of magic, the ghosts of the past may do much more than haunt her.

Can Georjie provide justice for her ancestors before she becomes the next family victim?

Born of Earth, the third novel in the enchanted Elemental Origins series by the astounding and accomplished fiction author A.L. Knorr is filled with out-worldly magic that will captivate you from start to finish! Georjie uncovers a mystery haunting her family’s legacy and solving the mystery could cost Georjie everything, but she is determined to get to the truth. Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel by A.L. Knorr is a whirlwind coming of age tale filled with blossoming powers and romance on a quest for justice for her ancestors! I fell in-love with Georjie right away, when facing a seemingly impossible new reality, she embraces her new powers and quickly matures into a vibrant and intelligent young woman with the capacity to handle anything thrown her way! Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel by A.L. Knorr is a fantastical fiction novel I profoundly enjoyed having read, and I would already recommend that you lovely readers have a read of Born of Earth but also the other books in this magnificent series!

Who would imagine a summer vacation in the beautifully mysterious Ireland would shape up to be so uneventful? Georjie finds this after agreeing to her workaholic mother’s request only when her best friends spend their summer before senior year abroad. Stuck with her Aunts extremely attractive and equally distant adopted cousin Jasher, Georjie is anything but enthusiastic about her trip. As fate would have it, a trip to the greenhouse unveils long-hidden secrets rooted deep in her family history. An ancient magic lies in her lineage only discovered when she can see glowing cocoons she shouldn’t be able to. Unearthing an ancient diary, reveals an unsavory family secret and powerful earthly magic. Georjie sets out to solve a long-held magical mystery, but solving the mystery may put Georjie’s life in peril. Can she find justice for her ancestors, or will the ghosts from the past soon count her among their own?

Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel by A.L. Knorr stands tall on its own as the third stand-alone novel in the Elemental Origins Series! Arguably the best novel thus far in the series, I find myself hard-pressed and somewhat reluctant to choose my favorite with each book boasting a unique and compelling narrative that speaks to all readers! I love how A.L. Knorr is able to capture the ambiance of each elemental affinity and blend them into the personality of the outstanding ladies that learn to wield their newly discovered powers. Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel by A.L. Knorr is an exhilarating fiction novel that seamlessly weaves the allusive fae, rich magical lore, and ghosts that may do much more than haunt into a glorious novel that is undoubtedly unforgettable!

A.L. Knorr is a remarkable author. She is unmatched in her unprecedented talent instilling magic and wonder in the world she creates, dazzling us, enamored readers, with her winsome storytelling! It’s truly no wonder A.L. Knorr is a USA Today bestselling author with a vast collection of endearing and irresistible novels that speak to each reader as an individual while fascinating us with the allure of the supernatural! I love the bewitching tales A.L. Knorr artfully conjures with her limitless imagination. Her poetic rhythm sends us, fevered readers, filled with zeal and determination on a quest of self-discovery and growth that unlocks the hidden power within! A.L. Knorr is a fantastic author who creates an indescribable experience that all readers will treasure!

A.L. Knorr’s Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel is an exciting young adults fantasy novel that will grip any reader with its captivating and fast-paced storyline! From the moment I picked up the first Elemental Origins Novel, Born of Water, I couldn’t get enough of the intricate world A.L. Knorr has built for us, beloved readers! Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel has everything that makes a fantasy novel great, an unearthed secret that may not want to be found and great power spanning generations that can change everything! Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel by A.L. Knorr will delight any reader lucky enough to find themselves lost within its mesmerizing pages! I wholeheartedly award A.L. Knorr five stars for her masterfully crafted piece of literature Born of Earth: A Fairytale Ghost Story and Elemental Origins Novel! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers! You won’t regret it.

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