Bloodlines, Marcus Abston

A grandfather confronted with the fact that his family is woefully ignorant about their own lineage and legacy is determined to educate them. So begins the tale of his great-great-grandmother, Annabelle.Annabelle was a slave born on a cotton plantation in Mississippi and raised as a house servant thanks to the plantation master’s daughters having a fondness for her. The youngest daughter protects her as best she can from the wrath of the cruel master and his wife, but then marries and leaves the plantation. Unable to bear the master’s heinous acts against her any longer, the teenaged slave girl escapes north to be free.But is anywhere really safe for a runaway slave girl in the 1800s? Her journey is only the beginning of a legacy.

Bloodlines is a captivating, thrilling, and moving historical tale that will keep readers entertained, captivated, and engrossed from the very first page! Bloodlines is an incredible novel that will move its readers with its poignant themes and thrill them with its exciting moments! It is a brilliant novel full of detail and events that leave a lasting impact and that is why I already recommend this novel to you lovely readers! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

Bloodlines is a multi-layered novel with many plot avenues which are all perfectly weaved together by the exceptional author Marcus Abston. The reader in Bloodlines will meet Albert Brooks, a grandfather who one day realizes that his family knows nothing of their family heritage. This makes Albert share the story of his great-great-grandmother Annabelle, who was a slave born on a cotton plantation in the early 1800s.

It is here that she belonged to the Brown family and eventually become a house slave as she grew close to the master’s daughters. Annabelle faced abuse in this home and was reminded of her slave status often and when Judy May, one of the master’s daughters marries and moves away, Annabelle decides she must leave and escape the torment of Master Brown. The reader will learn of what happened to her and how she survived as a runaway slave and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Bloodlines!

The story of Bloodlines is excellent and incredibly well-developed thanks to Marcus Abston, the author of the book. Abston manages to develop his world with immaculate detail; every event, character, and setting is well thought out and planned, and I was impressed by Abston’s flawless ability to do this. As I read Bloodlines, I immediately was drawn into the book and felt captivated by Abston’s literature, and this is for many reasons. The main reason is that Abston’s literature is detailed in the most immaculate of ways, the text is detailed but not heavy, and it is beautifully written so that the reader will be able to immerse themselves in the story from beginning to end without difficulty.

While reading Bloodlines, the reader will be able to feel Marcus Abston’s pursuit of literary perfection and his drive to entertain readers. Abston’s riveting tale keeps the pages turning of their own accord, and it makes for such captivating reading! Abston seamlessly hooks the reader and immediately immerses the reader in his world of twists and turns through his fast-paced writing style, beautifully detailed descriptions, and flawless character integration.

Overall Bloodlines sends you into a tailspin of a journey packed full of exciting twists and turns that leave you both guessing and wanting more. Once you pick up Bloodlines, you won’t be able to put it down…I know I couldn’t! Of course, with such a fantastic piece of literature, I have to award Bloodlines five stars! So please do have a read of the preview below book lovers, you do not want to miss out!

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