Belinda, BS Alexander

Two murders on successive Saturday nights Both victims were men in their fifties. Both men were married. Both men had children. Both men had jobs. Both men had seemingly decided to play away from home. At each crime scene, the killer has left a small, square piece of card with the words “OOPS I DID IT AGAIN” in capitals above a crudely drawn smiley face.
There is a femme fatale on the prowl. A serial killer who lures married men into her clandestine trap before slaughtering them on the altar of infidelity. 
Belinda is a socially inept thirty-year-old virgin fighting inner demons. Not only is she developing an unhealthy admiration for the killer, but she is also becoming convinced that the perpetrator is her own estranged twin sister and sees her as a heroine ridding the world of the unfaithful… then again, there is something not quite right about Belinda…
To DCI Manion the killer is a taunting, ferociously sadistic psychopath, which, to him, is not unlike the disease that is eating him away inside. He knows time is running out but before he can fulfil a promise he has made to his wife, before he can enjoy the life they crave in whatever time he does have left, he has to face his greatest challenge, catch his final nemesis and end the terror that is sweeping through his neighbourhood.

Belinda is a thrilling, incredible, and exceptionally well-written book. Belinda is a unique book that incorporates themes you would not traditionally see in thriller novels, which is one of the many attributes I love about the book. Because of the uniqueness of this book, I found myself falling in love with it even more. It is an incredible, thrilling, action-packed book that will keep readers intrigued and turning the pages with haste from beginning to end! That is why I would already implore you lovely readers to look at this astonishing book because it is just phenomenal!

Belinda is an excellent book that will take its readers on a dark journey full of twists and turns galore. The story centers around a ‘femme fatale on the prowl’ and what the reader encounters is terrifying and thrilling. The reader in Belinda will learn of two murders of men with many similarities, including age, the fact that they were both married and that they both are cheaters. At the crime scene of each murder, a note is left by the killer which reads “OOPS I DID IT AGAIN” and this starts of the crazy but brilliant journey us readers get to experience. The reader will follow Belinda, the protagonist of the novel, as she develops an obsession and admiration for the killer, who, she believes could be her own twin sister. The reader will follow Belinda as well as a host of other fascinating characters as they try to track the killer down, and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Belinda!

I have never before read anything like this in a book, so already I applaud the excellent author, BS Alexander for his exceptional imagination. The story itself is merely brilliant, and I adored the journey the wonderful author took me on. He managed to incorporate many unexpected twists effortlessly so that the readers will turn the page with haste. As I read this book, I found myself re-reading parts because of how shocking it was! It was magnificent to feel this, and I love when an author does this to a reader, this is how reading should be! Full of shocks and surprises and great thrilling moments that you will remember for a long time; if not forever!

BS Alexander is a talented author; there is no question about this. Alexander’s writing keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. His suspense-filled book reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies; there is a constant feeling of trepidation and a continuous sense of “what is going to happen next?!” as I read this book. I was enthralled because this is how thriller books should be! I was screaming, “yes, finally I have found another great suspense-filled book” so truly book lovers, this book needs to be read and loved!

BS Alexander is a phenomenal writer who knows how to grasp his reader’s attention from the first page. Alexander instead of writing long, drawn-out builds up which are commonly found in thriller novels, decides to ditch this approach and thrust his reader into the heart of the story straight away so that the reader is instantly captivated and immersed. I personally love this approach, what is the point of having a long build-up with little excitement? This is only necessary if the author in question can’t develop the characters in the story quickly, but with Alexander, the reader will not encounter this issue because Alexander instantly develops his characters and makes the reader invest in not only them but also their journey.

To conclude my thoughts on this exception suspense/crime story, I would say if you have been bored of late of crime books that well, don’t thrill you, then take a chance with this one because it is an all-consuming assault of brilliance that will keep you entertained from beginning to end! Belinda gets five stars from me book lovers!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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