Becoming Okay (When You’re Not Okay), Bryan Bushman

There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain happens to all who are alive, while suffering depends on how we respond to our pain.
Pain is often part of living; yet, humans naturally resist pain and – in the process of resisting – create more pain for themselves and those they love. In contrast, demonstrating acceptance means approaching the pain of living in a way that gives it less control and less ability to produce suffering. Acceptance is acknowledging what life is, rather than continuing to struggle with what life isn’t. Acceptance lessens our struggle with pain and increases our ability to live fully. Acceptance helps us “become okay” – even when we really, really aren’t okay.

While many self-help books emphasize the importance of acceptance, how is it developed? Psychologist, Bryan Bushman, provides a step-by-step roadmap for anyone interested in learning how to rise above emotional or physical pain. Part I of the book suggests powerful ways we can avoid suffering through its innovative use of Buddhism’s three paths of suffering. Part II of the book focused on scientifically-grounded ways to develop acceptance. Combining the best of both eastern- and western-insights with the latest neuropsychological research, Dr. Bushman provides several, easy-to-remember steps that summarize information so people can live richer, more-balanced lives.

Universal in its application, there is something here for everyone. Whether you experience depression, anxiety, chronic illness, emotional trauma, relationship problems, or addictive behaviors, pain doesn’t have to define you. Using playful humor and powerful case examples, Becoming Okay (When You’re Not Okay) provides readers with scientifically-grounded, yet soul-expanding, exercises and insights. You can build a life of vitality and action – even while experiencing some of life’s greatest trials.

Becoming Okay is a captivating book that is a excellent self-help and motivational book written by an incredible author called Bryan Bushman who will undoubtedly keep you entertained and captivated from page one! Becoming Okay is a sensational book that is full of incredible wisdom that will help many readers learn acceptance and how to manage their feelings better and lead happier lives! If you are a reader who is struggling to find happiness or just need a little motivation in your life, then the flawless Becoming Okay is the perfect read for you as it will provide you with the tools necessary to create the life you want! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

Becoming Okay is written by the talented author, Bryan Bushman who is an incredible man who will get you results with his outstanding book. Bushman is an exceptional man and in his book, he will share his wisdom, insight, experience, and knowledge on how to overcome physical and emotional pain. In Becoming Okay, the reader will be given a step by step guide on how to develop acceptance, how to better manage our emotions, and live happier, more fulfilling lives! Bushman is a psychologist and he combines his years of study, with western and eastern insights to help you lead the happiest life possible and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Becoming Okay!

The wisdom courtesy of Bryan Bushman laced throughout Becoming Okay is sensational and awe-worthy. As I read Bushman’s book, I was engrossed and wanting to know more, whenever a question would pop up in my mind while reading this book Bushman eventually answered it, and so it truly is a beautiful reading experience!

The information and knowledge laced throughout Becoming Okay is impeccable, and I am impressed by just how much knowledge there is. Although Becoming Okay is full of a wealth of information, all the information is useful as well as relevant to the topics explored so do not worry readers that you will be bombarded with information as this does not happen in this book!

As Becoming Okay is a book laced with incredible wisdom and incredible advice, it is also laced with phenomenal literature courtesy of the excellent author Bryan Bushman; Bushman’s words are incredible, and they will flow flawlessly from beginning to end! As Becoming Okay is a flawless, inspirational, and helpful self-help and motivational guide with a unique touch, I have no choice but to award this brilliant book five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you will not regret it!

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