Bad to the Bone, Roy Clinton

An evil band of outlaws move from town to town preying on the helpless. They target elderly people and single women. They have robbed and murdered with impunity. Towns are terrified. No one wants to go up against them. 

That is just the situation that requires the Midnight Marauder. John Crudder tracks them down in an effort to balance the Scales of Justice. As he realizes he is out gunned, he decides to take them on one-by-one.

John Crudder is back exacting old-fashioned justice in Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton! Trailing an evil that targets the weak and defenseless, John Crudder must hunt down the gang responsible for the atrocious slayings before even more innocents fall victim to their callous barbarity. Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton covers the spectrum of emotions in a timeless western novel that I fell in love with immediately! Roy Clinton fills us, beloved readers, with an all-consuming sense of urgency in his hair-raising book Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder! After picking up Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton all readers will find what I have learned, this is a novel that is absolutely impossible to put down!

Jack and Thelma were an elderly couple that was murdered with unwarranted violence in incredibly brutal fashion. When the gangs miscreant deeds hits John Crudder and his family close to home, the Midnight Marauder is needed again. Back on the road following the trail of bodies Butch Granger and his three friends leave in their wake, John Crudder, the midnight marauder, decides to take them down and deliver justice. Outgunned, John Crudder will take them out one by one if necessary. When cruelty surpasses all reason, the midnight marauder will stop at nothing to end the butchering and fear Butch Granger and his gang have caused.

Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton is an action-packed western, void of profanity, that captures the honor of the west and the savage depravity of Butch Granger and his gang. Roy Clinton’s Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder had my hands trembling as I frantically turned the pages and walked the riveting path beside the unforgettable John Crudder, Midnight Marauder, to stop Butch Granger after a lifetime of relishing in his inhumane and dark desires! A stirring novel hosting a vile villain and an uncompromising hero who is unwilling to forgive or yield in his pursuit, Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton is an exceptionally astonishing western novel that took my breath away!

Roy Clinton is a remarkable western author; whether it is the old west and its wild tenacity or a modern cowboy, his novels are all thrilling and compelling through and through! We are whisked away on a journey of blood and vengeance, right and wrong, that is intelligently designed to entertain us while drawing us in on the path to avenging the dead. Roy Clinton has a unique writing style that ensnares us, adventurous readers, pulling us into the flawless world he has created for us in painstaking detail! Roy Clinton is an unparalleled storyteller; he weaves a narrative that grasps that ferocious fundamental need for inexorable justice we all feel as humans when looking into the face of cold-blooded needless murder! Roy Clinton is a spectacular author whose work should not be missed!

Roy Clinton’s Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder is a powerhouse of western literature that will grip any readers attention until the very end! I was horrified by Butch Granger’s lack of remorse or discrimination in mercilessly slaughtering the elderly, women, children, even animals and then amazed by John Crudder’s relentless drive to stop him from terrorizing towns anymore! Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by, the phenomenally talented author, Roy Clinton is a sensational piece of fiction filled with twists and turns that will keep any reader anxiously turning the pages to see how the Midnight Marauder will beat seemingly insurmountable odds and stop evil dead in its tracks. I unequivocally and enthusiastically award the outstanding western novel Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton five stars!

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