Along the Waterways, Jenni Barnett

In the sequel to Native Companions, Gran Yan, the tree of memories, continues narrating history about the traditional landowners of Yaraan Grove, the Booran clan, named after the pelican. After a long separation from their homeland due to fire and drought, the small community returns to Yaraan Grove, where the firstborn infant in their territory is named Mullawanda as a tribute to the great eagle Mullawaa, which guided the travellers safely home.

During his development, Mullawanda proves to have intelligence far beyond his people, and coupled with an adventurous spirit, his journeys and the people he meets lead him into some intriguing situations, involving many fascinating people. This seven-part novel involves a number of indigenous clans that congregate at social gatherings, where tribal priests commune with ancestral spirits, sharing their legends with the audience. Many dreamtime legends unfold about their departed people, and a number of compelling mysteries are solved. The key to Gran Yan’s knowledge about such far-distant adventures is unlocked in the final chapter of this seven-part book.

Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett continues Rex Graham’s relentless search to uncover the secrets of his ancestral past and pursue his doctorate in anthropology. Picking up where Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries left off, Along the Waterways answers our lingering questions on a journey through the past filled with unforeseen twists and turns that will keep any reader anxiously turning the pages! I found the most interesting aspects of Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett to be the large social network of aboriginal tribes. Social gatherings bring together the various indigenous tribes where their priests share the history, the stories, of their ancestors keeping the legends of these remarkable aboriginal people alive through the ages! Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is a tantalizing historical fiction novel I have thoroughly appreciated having immersed myself in!

The tree of memories shares the history of the Booran Clan. As Rex surmised, the tree of memories is his Gran Yan’s spirit. She tells of the traditional Yaraan Grove landowners and how drought and fire forced the Booran’s to leave their home. Survival was difficult in a desert land that is foreign to them in every way. After enduring a prolonged time away from their home, the Booran Clan, named for the pelican, received a sign. A great eagle lead them home. To pay homage to the great eagle for guiding them home, the Booran named their first-born child, Mullawanda after the great eagle. Mullawanda excelled far beyond his people with his adventurous spirit and intellectual mind. Unwilling to heed the advice of his fellow tribal members, Mullawanda embarks on an unparalleled path filled with intriguing people. The legends of Dreamtime are discovered, and the truth of Gran Yan’s vast knowledge of past adventures is unveiled.

Painstakingly accurate and exquisitely entertaining, Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett educates us, enthralled readers, with a flawlessly spun fable that passionately protects the tribal laws of historical tales while giving a glimpse into a well-guarded treasure. This gifts us an unprecedented look into the past of one of the oldest surviving civilizations known to man! I was in awe as each page carried with it a vast and incredibly detailed wealth of knowledge, from the Booran Clan’s forced migration to the honor and tribute of the first-born child and the great eagle. Jenni Barnett’s Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries is a phenomenal historical fiction novel equally revered for both a compelling narrative and the extraordinarily informative customs and legends of the aboriginal people of Australia woven into the foundation of the story-line itself!

Jenni Barnett is a wonderfully dedicated and intelligent author. She grips us, beloved readers, immediately with the melodic tempo her lovely writing style offers, enticing us further with hand-drawn artwork that adds a vibrant authenticity to an already unique and illuminating novel! Jenni Barnett brilliantly constructs her literary masterpiece into seven sections, including a glossary of central Australian lingo. She has gone even further than that by creating a compass, a short but informative list of characters and how they correlate to one another, at the beginning of each section, effortlessly guiding us through the transitioning of each ancestral tale unlocking Rex Graham’s Dreamtime mysteries beneath Gran Yan’s tree! Jenni Barnett breaths beautiful life into her work showing what an exceptionally talented author she is whose mesmerizing work should not be missed!

Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is an outstanding piece of literature. Exploring the intricate path that brought the clans together was astonishing, witnessing them growing and sharing knowledge before my very own eyes was breathtaking! Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett will captivate any reader with its fascinating narrative bequeathing the history of the Booran Clan and their aboriginal tribal brethren in a fictitious prose that will enrapture any audience! Jenni Barnett’s Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries allows us, adventurous readers, to experience the wonder and magic of preserving tribal history, passing these amazing stories down from generation to generation! Imaginative and scholarly, Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is a magnificent historical fiction novel. I incontrovertible and wholeheartedly award Along the Waterways: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett five stars!

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