A Simple Soul, Vadim Babenko

His crafty plan results in a deadly threat. Her hopes keep her locked in a vicious circle. They parted ways, supposedly forever. But will they be able to live apart?

Elizaveta, an attractive Muscovite, experiences a series of odd events: she is followed; she receives anonymous calls, flowers, and gifts. The culprit is her former lover, Timofey. He now lives far from Moscow and has a flourishing business, but a serious threat emerges when the daughter of a local mafia boss wants to marry him. Timofey knows his life is at risk if he says no. He creates a cunning scheme to save himself by staging a sham marriage with Elizaveta playing a primary role. Masterfully manipulating her feelings, Timofey persuades her to come visit him in his small town, but things soon take a dramatic turn.

A seemingly romantic journey becomes a struggle for survival. Timofey and Elizaveta confront real danger when they least expect it. Love and deception reveal their essence when the best of intentions come into conflict with each other. The protagonists try hard to achieve their goals, but, in the end, each of them finds something much different instead. Illusion, ultimately, proves stronger than reality. And coincidences are often not so random after all.

A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko is anything but simple. This novel illuminates the charades we play in the company of others, delving into the complexities behind even the most mundane everyday tasks which makes for a fascinating read! A Simple Soul pulls us, beloved readers, into Moscow with unprecedented detail, filling our nostrils with the city air and while in the midst of a crowd of people. Vadim Babenko’s marvelous creation, A Simple Soul, will keep all readers enamored as multiple plot lines converge through the breathtaking twists and turns on an outstanding journey of deception and revenge! A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko is a fascinating fiction novel I profoundly delight in having read and would recommend it to all of you lovely readers!

Young Moscow native, Elizaveta, begins receiving mysterious flowers and gifts. Along with these gifts, she begins receiving anonymous calls. When the oddity of events begins rising, her unknown suitor reveals himself: Timofey, an old flame from her seemingly distant past. No longer local to Moscow, Timofey has a thriving business of his own far from the city. Timofey must act quickly to hatch a scheme that can save him from having to marry a local mafia boss’s daughter, a mafia boss he has become acquainted with in the years since he’s known Elizaveta. Elizaveta is crucial to the success of his plans, Timofey stages a courtship to exploit her feelings and convince Elizaveta to visit him in his small town. Successfully hiding his own ulterior motives, Timofey never considers Elizaveta may shroud her own intentions in a similar deception. Facing very real dangers, their journey quickly and drastically changes from one of romance to a perilous fight for survival.

A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko reaches beyond the boundaries of genre, effortlessly creating an unusual rekindled romance inside a thrilling and dangerous narrative that will have any reader analyzing the unseen motives behind their own daily decisions! The elaborate entanglement of a plethora of remarkably different characters keeps A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko progressing with intrigue and a wonder of how their very separate lives will eventually converge and to what end? A Simple Soul poses the question of ramifications for actual intent and motivation against the outward expression and representation of one’s true desire with unmatched detail and intelligence! A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko will thrill any reader as the web untangles with flawless unpredictability!

Vadim Babenko is a master of his craft! Spinning epic tales filled with an intellectual foresight and dedication, Vadim Babenko grants immeasurable merit and dignity to his extraordinary work. He elicits more than just introspection, Vadim Babenko’s phenomenal writing inspires active thought through entertainment in his provocative fables that will always remain lasting and meaningful! Vadim Babenko is an author whose work should be sought out, rhythmic and worthwhile; we traverse the allusive nature of man seduced by the purposefully eloquent design! Through having read several of Vadim Babenko’s wonderful fiction novels, I feel not only enriched by the raw look into humanity but that my perception of life and its inner workings has grown exponentially!

A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko is an immersive experience from the beginning until the greatly unexpected end! I love the labyrinth of lives interconnecting as Timofey pulls Elizaveta into harms way inadvertently while attempting a safer life unencumbered by the dangers of a marriage with the mafia bosses daughter! Vadim Babenko’s A Simple Soul will keep any reader engaged with a compelling narrative of devious duplicity and the many faces that may wear it. A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko doesn’t focus solely on the act itself, instead looking behind the curtain to examine why. What led to a cup of coffee? A Simple Soul by Vadim Babenko is a classic display of literary integrity, a monument to the printed word! I indubitably and passionately award Vadim Babenko’s poignant fiction novel A Simple Soul five stars!

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