A River of Ill Wind, Christopher Baird

There are times when a single decision, something done or left undone, alters the lives of all involved. A River of Ill Wind is one such story. It tracks the joys, sorrows, accomplishments, and vulnerabilities of six young men who futures are changed forever by violence.
Despite profound misgiving, Paul Bennet embarks on a weekend canoe trip with his friends to a renowned whitewater river in Northern Wisconsin. The principal danger, however, is not the Fenwell River. The boys’ trip is interrupted by one boy’s abusive father follows them to the river, seeking money his son stole from him. When two of the boys disappear, a county sheriff, a police chief from an Indian Reservation and, ultimately, the FBI investigate, but quickly reach a dead end. With their friends still missing, four of the boys return home to find the town’s residents have turned against them. Paul, feeling he has lost everything important to him, is overcome with guilt and remorse. The lives of all involved are upended.
Eight years after the canoe trip, a chance encounter rekindles the interest of the lawmen involved and pots all of the men in danger. The surprising conclusion leaves two people dead and the lawmen facing an ethical dilemma. As with most life changing events, some of those involved in the canoe trip are irreparably harmed while others benefit, reinforcing the adage, “It’s an ill wind that blows no good.”

A River of Ill Wind is a moving, captivating and thrilling novel that will keep readers entertained and engrossed from the very first page! Mystery tales are some of my favorite books to read so when I read the description of A River of Ill Wind I was sold and knew that I had to read it as well as review it so that all you lovely readers could read about it! It has been a while since I have been this captivated by a story of this nature and this is thanks to the exceptional author Christopher Baird who managed to thrill and entertain me effortlessly with his tale that is unique and incredibly entertaining!

A River of Ill Wind is a fast-paced and shocking tale that will whisk its readers away on a journey like no other. The reader in A River of Ill Wind will be introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Paul Bennett, and five of his friends in the year 1968. It is here that the group of friends embark on a trip to the whitewater river in northern Wisconsin. However, despite having a dream summer trip as planned, it turns to hell when Melvin Hoskins, the abusive father of one of the boys shows up, demanding the money his son stole from him. Soon violence ensues and two of the boys along with Melvin go missing and an investigation begins. When the remaining boys return home, they are blamed for the disappearance and what follows is a shocking and mysterious tale that spans years and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible A River of Ill Wind!

The story of A River of Ill Wind is excellent and incredibly well-developed thanks to Christopher Baird, the author of the book. Baird manages to develop his world with immaculate detail; every event, character, and setting is well thought out and planned, and I was impressed by Baird’s flawless ability to do this. As I read A River of Ill Wind, I immediately was drawn into the book and felt captivated by Baird’s literature, and this is for many reasons. The main reason is that Baird’s literature is detailed in the most immaculate of ways, the text is detailed but not heavy, and it is beautifully written so that the reader will be able to immerse themselves in the story from beginning to end without difficulty.

While reading A River of Ill Wind, the reader will be able to feel Christopher Baird’s pursuit of literary perfection. Baird’s riveting tale keeps the pages turning of their own accord, and it makes for such captivating reading! Baird seamlessly hooks the reader and immediately immerses the reader in his story through his fast-paced writing style, beautifully detailed descriptions, and flawless character integration.

Overall A River of Ill Wind sends you into a tailspin of an emotionally charged and thrilling journey packed full of exciting twists and turns that leave you both guessing and wanting more. Once you pick up A River of Ill Wind, you won’t be able to put it down…I know I couldn’t! Of course, with such a fantastic piece of literature, I have to award A River of Ill Wind five stars! So please do have a read of the preview below book lovers, you do not want to miss out!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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