A Life Redesigned: Long-Term Travel Options in a Digital Age, Gary Hawkins

Have you ever wished you could take a period of extended travel? Are you concerned long-term travel would be just too expensive? Do you think you can only travel after you retire? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, ‘A Life Redesigned: Long-Term Travel in a Digital Age’ will show this possibility is much closer than you think. Explore the various travel and work options that have materialized with the advent of the sharing and gig economies. Learn how to prepare for your extended travel adventure, book your first house sit, work remotely and earn money while on the road, undertake world travel with the kids, and manage your affairs while away. This book contains all the information you need relating to long-term travel in a rapidly growing digital economy.

‘A Life Redesigned’ has chapters that cover Living in a Digital Age, Ways to Travel, Financial Planning, Making Money on the Road, Logistical Planning, Traveling with Children, Getting Started with Airbnb, Getting Started with Trustedhousesitters.com, and beginning your adventure.

Gary Hawkins and his wife, Yafei, both gave-up successful corporate careers to focus on spending quality time with their young daughter, Xaria, during her formative years. Accomplished world travelers, they have considerable experience of sharing economy accommodation, including house sitting and Airbnb. Both Gary and Yafei work remotely, as well as blog and write about their long-term travel adventures.

A Life Redesigned: Long-Term Travel Options in a Digital Age is a self-help book about traveling, with memoir themes laced throughout. In A Life Redesigned, the reader will be entertained, captivated and educated from start to finish thanks to the author Gary Hawkins. In his book, Gary will share his wealth of insight and wisdom in an easy to read, and easy to implement way that will truly benefit many readers. That is why I already have to recommend this book to you all! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about the incredible A Life Redesigned!

A Life Redesigned: Long-Term Travel Options in a Digital Age is a sensational self-help travel guide that will open your eyes to new and exciting possibilities. The reader in A Life Redesigned will be introduced to the writer and narrator, Gary Hawkins, a husband and father who gave up his career with his wife, to travel with their young daughter and explore new possibilities.

The reader in A Life Redesigned will learn just how they did this and Gary will share all his wisdom, advice, and tips and tricks. Gary discusses that there is a misconception that traveling for an extended period of time can be too costly, but he disproves this by showing you how to make money on the road while also traveling with children, and managing your affairs while away from home. It is a sensational book that will help readers live a dream of traveling – many of whom who thought this was only possible after retirement! – So if you are interested in the topics explored then A Life Redesigned is the perfect read for you and should not be missed!

Gary Hawkins is a phenomenal writer who has clearly put so much time and effort into his book. I adore the fact that Gary has written his book to inform us readers about things many of us (especially me!), never knew about and so I have to thank him for this. It is important for those with a wealth of knowledge to share it with readers so I admire Gary for writing his book, as well as entertaining me from start to finish! Gary was open, honest, and brazen with his book and shares all details big and small that will help you in your journey and so it truly is a book that belongs in every reader’s possession.

A Life Redesigned is an incredible book full of a wealth of knowledge as well as beautiful literature and the combination of the two makes it a book that should not be missed! Gary Hawkins is not only brilliant for sharing his story, but also the captivating way he has written his book. Even though A Life Redesigned is non-fiction, I found myself turning the pages with haste thanks to the descriptive writing, the fascinating knowledge that had me constantly making notes! And lastly, the passion in Gary’s literature that was evident which made me turn the pages even faster as I love reading books where I can sense the author’s passion and excitement!

Overall, A Life Redesigned is an incredible, captivating, and useful self-help guide and that is why I have to award A Life Redesigned five stars! So be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

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