A Divine Intervention, Sharon Wagner

This extraordinary spiritual experience occurred during Sharon Wagner’s first semester of college. At nineteen, she secretly planned her suicide. One night, Sharon questioned ending her life and wished there was someone to talk with since no one knew of her plans. That night, one of her spirit guides came during her dream state. He knew all about her life, her plan, and her past lives! He took Sharon to the Other Side, showed her an earlier past life, showed her Earth in a different dimension, and answered a multitude of questions. While writing this information down, Sharon realized it had been an extraordinary Divine Intervention. In 2003, she had another session on the Other Side. The wisdom revealed from both sessions is included.
Very few people have heard this story until now. There are two sections in this book. Part One contains the answers revealed about life and death in both realms by six teachers/guides within the Spirit Realm. Their message includes information about the soul, God, life, death, and why things are the way they are.
Part Two contains eighteen personal stories that Sharon believes confirm the timeless wisdom revealed.
The intention of writing this book is to share these revelations. This knowledge can help improve and inspire the lives of those also searching for answers about life and death in both realms. This information can help reduce one’s fear of death, help people realize how powerful they are, and how influential they may become. Especially, it helps increase conscious awareness on all levels and aspects of life. The mind is impressive, with unlimited abilities. The physical body is a medical miracle, sending subtle signals to help keep us well. This book is about the deep connection of the soul within the heart, the Divine essence of God. This connection allows us to open our hearts, live out of love rather than fear, and understand the importance of learning life lessons while still living in the Physical Realm. Once we apply the wisdom from the lessons learned and change behaviors, it becomes possible to create the life of our dreams, our personal Heaven on Earth.

A Divine Intervention is a moving, poignant and inspiring book courtesy of the author Sharon Wagner who throughout her book narrates her story with the hope of helping others and it is one of the most incredible books I have read in a long time. A Divine Intervention is an eye-opening book and will undoubtedly move its readers from start to finish. The journey the reader is taken on is emotional and thought-provoking as well as inspiring which will move and touch its readers from start to finish. A Divine Intervention is a unique book because it is a memoir that is also laced with great wisdom and will undoubtedly resonate with all readers.

A Divine Intervention is an enlightening, honest, and incredible book courtesy of an exceptional woman. In A Divine Intervention, the reader will learn about the author Sharon Wagner who during her first semester of college at the age of nineteen, had a spiritual awakening when she secretly planned her suicide. When Sharon questioned ending her life, one of her spirit guides come to her during her dream state and he knew all about her life, as well as her past lives.

Sharon soon embarks on a journey with her spirit guide who answers all of her questions and takes her to a different dimension and shows her a past life of hers. When she wakes she writes everything she learned down and has compiled all of this information into her book A Divine Intervention. In A Divine Intervention, it consists of two parts, one part answers all the questions about life, death, God and more, questions that we all have and part two consists of personal stories from Sharon which are packed full of wisdom. The combination of both makes A Divine Intervention a stellar story with a real chance to change your life forever and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible A Divine Intervention!

Sharon Wagner’s story is emotional and inspiring, and I thank Sharon so much for sharing her story with us readers as this book will undoubtedly help many readers. Sharon Wagner is an incredible woman for many reasons, but one of the reasons she is so wonderful is that she brazenly shares her story to help others. I adore how Sharon did not hold back on the details of her life and what she encountered, and it makes for profound reading. The reader won’t be able not to admire Sharon for all that she has been through and the journey she has embarked on spiritually. So if you are a reader who loves to get lost in stories full of impactful, moving and thought-provoking moments that are incredibly moving and inspirational, then A Divine Intervention is for you!

Overall A Divine Intervention is an incredibly inspirational, informative, and honest tale. It takes a lot for a person to be so honest and to tell their tale, so I admire Sharon Wagner for doing just this and sharing her tale in the hope that they can help others. As A Divine Intervention is one of the most inspirational tales I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you won’t regret it!

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